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The Islanders released a rendering of what a new Nassau Coliseum could look like if the referendum passes tomorrow.

The question is what do you think? Obviously it is an upgrade over the Nassau Coliseum, but what do you think of what the new Coliseum looks like and will the rendering help persuade more people to vote yes?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

ChristianArn312@aol.com (Christian A. ) July Sun, 31 Jul 2011 14:18:21 +0000
Big Trade in the Works? Reports Say Yes http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/july/big-trade-in-the-works-reports-say-yes.html http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/july/big-trade-in-the-works-reports-say-yes.html

While the Islanders made their first “splash” in the offseason, and yes I do realize they did make two signings so far, rumors are swirling that a major move is in works that will make fans extremely happy.

Chris Botta reported on Islanders Point blank:

“Another hockey move is on the way. For what it’s worth, we were also told that we’re going to like this one. In our view, it’s the only way spending $3 million on Brian Rolston instead of somebody younger and better makes sense.”

As of now nothing has happened and people have begun to speculate and pass along rumors of what this could mean.

Infamous rumor site Hockeybuzz reported last night that a “strong” rumor indicates the Isles are interested in trading for Long Island native Mike Komisarek. As well, Eklund reported the Islanders have interest in Ranger left winger Wojtek Wolski.
(Editors Note: I am in no way say that the previous rumors are true or believe in their authenticity. Simply passing along speculation and rumors.)

Joe Yerdon of Pro Hockey Talk also speculated a possible move to acquire “a certain goal-scoring Russian winger making $6.7 million against the cap next season that would give them an offensive lift and help put them well above the salary floor.”

Right now we’ll wait and see what happens. Will update if anything comes of it.

ChristianArn312@aol.com (Christian A. ) July Fri, 29 Jul 2011 17:12:05 +0000
Islanders Make Wise Move in Acquiring Brian Rolston http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/july/islanders-make-wise-move-in-acquiring-brian-rolston.html http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/july/islanders-make-wise-move-in-acquiring-brian-rolston.html

The Islanders made a wise move yesterday swapping Trent Hunter for Brian Rolston. In retrospect you cannot deny this move helped salary cap issues on both teams. The Devils of course trying to free some cap space up as they prepare for arbitration with Zach Parise and the Islanders, trying to reach the cap floor, get to add five million dollars to their payroll.

But other than the blatant salary cap upside for both teams, the Islanders do get a good player in return. At the very least a player who will play more than 17 games next season.

Rolston had a rough first half of the season, but picked up his play scoring 12 and 17 assists in 44 games after clearing re-entry waivers. He finished the season with 14 goals, 20 assists and 34 points in 65 games.  In contrast, Hunter only appeared in 17 games for one goal, three assists and four points.

The Islanders make out just on merit of having someone who will play a good chunk of the season, although Rolston did miss 14 games last year with a sports hernia.

Another added plus is Rolston’s perceived excitement about coming to Long Island.

“I’m happy to be going to the island,” Rolston told the Record’s Tom Gulitti. “I’m going to a good young team that I think I’m going to get the opportunity to play. It will be a fresh start for me with a good, young team that I think has the capability to be a playoff team.”

On the other side, it’s sad to see Hunter go. He did have several good years but after several injuries his production tapered off and a season ending injury last year only allowed him 17 games.

The reason it is sad is more on a personal note than a professional. Hunter is a player I can truly say I grew up watching. He made his NHL debut when I was nine years old. Now, although his best days have passes, at least with the Islanders, it is sad to see him off with another team. Hopefully the change of scenery does him well in New Jersey.

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Brian Compton and Nick Giglia talk Arena Situation on the Power Play http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/july/brian-compton-and-nick-giglia-talk-arena-situation-on-the-power-play.html http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/july/brian-compton-and-nick-giglia-talk-arena-situation-on-the-power-play.html
Today Brian Compton of NHL.com and Nick Giglia of Let There be Lighthouse.com were on the Power Play to talk about Jay Jacobs, Charles Wang, and Ed Mangano's appearance and make their pitch why you should vote yes next Monday August 1. 

Brian Compton

Nick Giglia 

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Jay Jacobs Makes Fool of Himself on WFAN http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/july/jay-jacobs-makes-fool-of-himself-on-wfan.html http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/july/jay-jacobs-makes-fool-of-himself-on-wfan.html

Charles Wang and his quest for a new arena may have gotten the biggest boost from an unlikely person.  Jay Jacobs, the Nassau County democratic chairmen.

Jacobs, along with Wang, went on WFAN with Mike Francesa to discuss the upcoming vote on the referendum for a new arena. Jacobs, to say the least, didn’t help his parties cause. Which seems to be to kill the new arena plan.

Jacobs started off by saying he wants to keep the Islanders on Long Island and more specifically Nassau County.  But he didn’t believe that taxpayers should have to pay or have an increase in property tax.

He then proceeded to embarrass himself and his party.

The democratic chairmen told New York’s most popular sports talk show host that the building would only take 18 months to build, something that was laughed at later by Wang and Francesa, which was building to his point that he did not believe Wang’s “threats.” He went on to tell Francesa about that the plan would increase property tax four percent and would cost each household $58.  Both, by the way, are incorrect figures and have been disproven by the Islanders and Wang in the past.

Then it got even sillier. Francesa asked for his alternative to the current plan. Jacobs proposed on air for season ticket holders to pay for it through the use of PSLs. Francesa responded in a loud and shocked tone that it would never work in the NHL.

Jacobs later said in the interview, “Everyone who has an interest in the team to stay has to chip in.”

He continued his baseless attack on the plan by citing the wrong number of construction jobs and trying to accuse Wang and the county of “rigging” the referendum. A claim, which Francesa again jumped on him again.

In the end of his segment, Jacobs came away looking foolish and unprepared.  He hurt the opposition’s cause on the MOST listened to sports talk show in the New York Metro area.  

Incase you missed the full interview click here 


ChristianArn312@aol.com (Christian A. ) July Tue, 26 Jul 2011 20:11:59 +0000
Q & A: Nino Niederreiter http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/july/q-a-a-nino-niederreiter.html http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/july/q-a-a-nino-niederreiter.html Nino Niederreiter
The following is a conversation I had with Nino Niederreiter during Islanders mini camp. 

How were the first couple of days of camp?

A: It’s definitely been different than last year. Last year I was way nervous and this year it’s getting better. It’s way easier and I definitely feel comfortable out there.

Q: What were you able to work on in the offseason and in Portland?

A: I definitely work on my skating, that was the biggest adjustment I made. Right after the season I took a two-week power skating camp and I think that went pretty well. I got all the feedback that’s it’s getting better and its getting there, but definitely have to still work on it.

Q: How much does it mean to you to have the confidence of your head coach?

A: At the end it doesn’t really mean a lot, of course its nice that he said that, but it’s a long way to go and there are so many people and good players up here and I think everyone has a good shot at it. It’s definitely going to be tough for everyone.

Q: What do you take away from this mini camp experience and bring in September when training camp begins?

A: It’s always great to get to know some new guys and, like I said, I was way nervous and I didn’t know anybody, I didn’t know the coaching staff. This year I almost know everybody, but still I got to know new people and that was pretty fun.

Q: What has been like to bond with your fellow prospects?

A: It’s always great, it’s still summer, so it’s way different than during the season, but its great. You get to know the guys way better than just on the ice and fishing was fun and the Mets game was fun.

ChristianArn312@aol.com (Christian A. ) July Tue, 26 Jul 2011 17:09:05 +0000
(video) Vote Yes! http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/july/video-vote-yes.html http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/july/video-vote-yes.html Ken Cari gives his support for the August 1 referendum. VOTE YES!

Metsrg@aol.com (Kenny Cari) July Tue, 26 Jul 2011 16:02:01 +0000
Q & A: Calvin de Haan http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/july/q-a-a-calvin-de-haan.html http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/july/q-a-a-calvin-de-haan.html
The following is a conversation I had with Islanders defensive prospect Calvin de Haan during Islanders mini camp. 

How were the first couple days of camp?

A: It’s been a lot of fun. Workouts have been good, the on-ice has been pretty high pace, so it’s good to finally get some drills under our belts again.

Q: What are some of the things you worked on between the season and camp?

A: Just overall strength kind of stuff. Ya know, just trying to get better and quicker on the ice. Especially, off the ice as well because the quicker you are off the ice the better your going to be on the ice.

Q: Have any of the younger guys asking you for advice since you’ve been here before?

A: Not really, its just, I think, everyone is very close already. This is the future of the Islanders and I just try to be welcoming to the younger guys.

Q: What has some of the feedback been from the coaching staff?

A: They don’t really say much. Obviously there is a lot of time between now and the season, so I just have to make an impression here and hopefully get an invite for main camp and go from there.

Q: How has your game changed from last year?

A: I think I definitely got a little faster out there, I feel stronger on the ice already. Even though there’s not much contact and stuff, but I just feel like I’m a little but stronger out there and I think I can take it to the next level.

Q: How did your World Juniors experience help you?

A: It shows what kind of players are out there and what kind of competition to be the best is. That’s the future of the NHL, the World Juniors, and there are a lot of good players that play there and it’s a good measuring stick to see where you are at a personal level and where you are as a country as well.

Q: Do the players go through a hockey withdrawal in the summer months the same way the fans do?

A: Yes and no. Obviously guys don’t skate as much in the summer, but they have to train and stuff. I think that’s part of the hockey as well, obviously its part of the job and spending a lot of time in the gym. I wouldn’t call it a withdrawal

ChristianArn312@aol.com (Christian A. ) July Mon, 25 Jul 2011 23:37:52 +0000
Getting To Know Dan O'Donoghue http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/july/roberto-scalia.html http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/july/roberto-scalia.html Last week, the New York Islanders, like every other team in the NHL, had a mini-camp for rookies, draftees, and camp invites. One of these camp-invites was forward Dan O’Donoghue. O’Donoghue is widely known for being placed on the Final NHL Draft List for the 2009 NHL Draft. Although he ended up coming away undrafted, O’Donoghue said that although “it was a bit of a disappointment… at the same time it’s only going to make me want to prove everyone wrong.”

 O’Donoghue is a Long Island native, from Port Jefferson, who currently attends and plays for Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania. O’Donoghue is most notably known at Mercyhurst for his skill as a defensive forward, but also for his capability of putting the puck in the net or making plays when he’s needed to. This kind of offensive ability was shown in the Blue & White Scrimmage, which the Islanders have at the end of every mini-camp. At the scrimmage O’Donoghue, who played on the White team, scored a bit of a grinder’s goal in the second period, but also showed some nice moves when he scored in the team breakaway.

O’Donoghue, a soon to be sophomore at Mercyhurst, finished his rookie year with 10 goals and 20 total points. O’Donoghue said that coming out of the mini-camp, he wants to come into his sophomore year and expects “to be a top line guy and to hopefully take my game to the next level.” He also said that he came out of mini-camp with “a lot of confidence” and a “belief that I can play at the next level”.

            When asked about what it was like for him to attend the mini-camp, O’Donoghue said that it was a “great experience... I got to meet a lot of great people and develop a friendship with them as well as participate in the camp”. Among these people were Rhett Rakhshani, Justin DiBenedetto, and David Ullström who were all on Team White, like O’Donoghue, and who all brought a type of experience few others at the camp had. The experience of having played at the professional level, and knowing what it took to get there. When asked about what it was like to have these guys on the same team, O’Donoghue said that “they just were great guys and watching them on the ice was a good thing as well, they all are good players and you try to watch them to better yourself in the long run”.

            Other top notch attendees were top prospects such as defenseman Calvin DeHaan, and forwards Nino Neiderreiter, Ryan Strome, and Kirill Kabanov. These players, however, were all on the opposite team and O’Donoghue didn’t quite get the opportunity to play with them as much as play against them. O’Donoghue said that although he didn’t get the chance to practice with them, it was still “good to watch them play” and that he was confident that if he was to be matched up against them he “could shut them down if I needed too”.

            Having impressed at the mini-camp with his ability in his own zone, and also the demonstration of a solid scoring touch, some have wondered whether O’Donoghue will join the New York Islanders as more than just a camp invite. When asked about these rumors, O’Donoghue said that he “would love to play for the islanders in the near future” and that he hopes “to get the opportunity”.

            Dan O’Donoghue has the skill set to be a professional hockey player, and this writer believes that with enough hard work and dedication, which O’Donoghue doesn’t lack, he will eventually reach that level if he truly wants to. At the end of the day, for O’Donoghue, it’s the way it is for almost every other hockey player, and aspiring hockey players alike. It’s all about how bad you want that dream, and the will to sacrifice anything and everything to achieve it.

robertoscalia7@yahoo.com (Roberto Scalia) July Mon, 25 Jul 2011 12:20:37 +0000
Isles Prospects Look Forward to Annual Scrimmage http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/july/isles-prospects-look-forward-anual-scrimmage.html http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/july/isles-prospects-look-forward-anual-scrimmage.html   The New York Islanders Top Prospects

The Islanders annual Blue and White scrimmage will take place tonight at the Nassau Coliseum.  With a large number of fans expect to come and see what the future for the Islanders holds, it’s easy to understand why the Isles prospects are excited to show what they’ve got.

“I’m excited,” Scott Mayfield, the Islanders 34th pick in this past draft, said about playing in his first Blue and White scrimmage. “I think it will be fun to see how everyone compares to each other. There are kind of expectations of some kids and stuff, but at the same time just going in there and having fun. I’m just hoping it’s a good time and everyone has fun.”

The game will be the closest the fans and media will come to seeing how each player reacts in real game situations.

At Friday’s on-ice session, both the Blue and White team held small three on three games before leaving the ice. Mayfield, who will be playing for the Blue team tonight, had several impressive points in the scrimmage on Friday.

“I’m just trying to have fun and take it all in,” Mayfield said about his impressive on ice performance. “Shootings kind of a big thing I’ve been working on this summer, hopefully it starts to come. Last season was a little tough offensively, but it looks like out there it’s starting to come. “

It indeed did look like it was “starting to come” for Mayfield who scored from a skilled angle during the three on three games.

As for Justin DiBendetto, who will play for the White team, he’s also looking to have fun tonight, and maybe get the win as well.

“I think to get to play a game in the middle of July should be fun. We have four lines, we have a good team and hopefully we’ll come up with the win.”

Then there is Kirill Kabanov, who sees the game and experience in a broader view.

“It’s going to be my second one, last year was unbelievable and the fans were so happy,” Kabanov said on Friday.  “It’s good when you feel like a star a little bit, not like the NHL star yet, but close to that and you just want to get better at every point of your game. It helps you to work more on yourself to get in that arena as soon as you can. To make that arena your home arena, you just want it so bad after that.”

And then of course there are the fans, who will make the trip to Uniondale to get their summer fill of hockey. Of course if you can’t make it the scrimmage will be streamed live in HD by the Islanders.

ChristianArn312@aol.com (Christian A. ) July Sat, 16 Jul 2011 20:37:33 +0000