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NHL 2 Month Standings Overview http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2009-articles/november/nhl-2-month-standings-overview.html http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2009-articles/november/nhl-2-month-standings-overview.html ]]> redwing91@cfl.rr.com (Eric Ritter) November Mon, 30 Nov 2009 17:15:27 +0000 Islanders vs Flyers game day quick hits http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2009-articles/november/islanders-vs-flyers-game-day-quick-hits.html http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2009-articles/november/islanders-vs-flyers-game-day-quick-hits.html Coming off a tough 4-3 win in Toronto, The Isles come back home to the coliseum tonight to face Ray Emry and the Flyers. Here is tonight's Islanders line:

Moulson - Tavares - Hunter

Bergenheim - Nielsen - Okposo

Sim - Bailey - Tambellini

Thompson - Park - Jackman


Sutton - Hillen

Streit - Gervais

Witt - Meyer

Along with Martin Biron who will get the start tonight against his former team. “This is not a regular game,” Biron told Islanders Point Blank. “It’s special.”

Franchise goalie Rick Dipietro participated in his first full practice yesterday, here is what he had to say afterwords:

Finally, sorry to all the readers for not updating the site this week. My laptop crashed sunday and I have not been able to get it fixed. So now that i have acces to another computer I hope to have more pieces up.

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NHL quarter point http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2009-articles/november/nhl-quarter-point.html http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2009-articles/november/nhl-quarter-point.html ]]> redwing91@cfl.rr.com (Eric Ritter) November Mon, 23 Nov 2009 16:12:41 +0000 Islanders get a case of the blues http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2009-articles/november/islanders-get-a-case-of-the-blues.html http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2009-articles/november/islanders-get-a-case-of-the-blues.html Laughs Leafs.]]> ChristianArn312@aol.com (Christian A. ) November Sun, 22 Nov 2009 03:26:59 +0000 During Long Road Trip Islanders Video Comes Out http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2009-articles/november/during-long-road-trip-islanders-video-comes-out.html http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2009-articles/november/during-long-road-trip-islanders-video-comes-out.html

The Islanders played a final home game on November 7th, 2009 before going on a long road trip to play many different teams. I have waited until the tail end of the road trip to provide you this video.]]>
Metsrg@aol.com (Kenny Cari) November Sat, 21 Nov 2009 23:20:34 +0000
The Secret weapon behind Minnesota's win http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2009-articles/november/the-secret-weapon-behind-minnesotas-win.html http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2009-articles/november/the-secret-weapon-behind-minnesotas-win.html ]]> ChristianArn312@aol.com (Christian A. ) November Sat, 21 Nov 2009 18:41:19 +0000 "Covering the coverage": A blogger responds http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2009-articles/november/qcovering-the-coverageq-a-blogger-responds.html http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2009-articles/november/qcovering-the-coverageq-a-blogger-responds.html Last night I wrote a piece about several articles I saw pertaining to coverage of the Islanders. Well I missed the point on one of them, Dee Karl explains;

"you are missing the point of my tirade. Mine was not at the lack of coverage, but the inequality of the reporting by the owners of the Islanders cross town rivals. As the only news outlet on Long Island to cover Long Island, the written word the casual fan or non-fan reads regarding the team is what they perceive as truth... when many times it is not."

"There is more to the hockey business than what happens on the ice."

I guess when I wrote the piece i knew what it said I just failed to say what it said. Dee is right, the casual and non-fans read the poorly written article and go "who cares about the Islanders. They're a mess." without ever getting the whole story.

This is where Botta's quote comes in, It is our jobs as bloggers and die hard fans to write to the editors and producers and tell them what a lousy job they are doing getting the whole story. It's our job to turn up the heat by not just writing on our site but writing to the people who will have to take notice if we make enough noise.

If there is ever proof that we have a voice it would be how as fans, we collectively helped garner support and attention for the Lighhouse Project. The proof is in the puding, we have to have our voices heard to make real change in both the amount of coverage the team gets and the the quality of the coverage.

And lastly my bad Dee, I will never miss the point of one of your tirades again. Laughing

ChristianArn312@aol.com (Christian A. ) November Fri, 20 Nov 2009 21:26:37 +0000
"covering the coverage" a new trend for Islanders fans http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2009-articles/november/qcovering-the-coverageq-a-new-trend-for-islanders-fans.html http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2009-articles/november/qcovering-the-coverageq-a-new-trend-for-islanders-fans.html

If you ever seen sports soup, a show that puts a humorous spin on events in the world of sports, then you know the segment “Covering the Coverage”. Well it seems this week that fans and blogger are “covering the coverage” and not in the funny, whimsical way it’s done on Sports soup.

Since the start of the 09-10 season fans and bloggers have loudly expressed their displeasure with the fact that a significant amount of games this season have not and will not be in HD due to overflow on some nights. Drawing the short straw, New York’s other hockey team has to be watched standard definition even though IO advertises that all nine teams can be seen in high deff.

Then there is the Newsday coverage, things fired up today when Isles Blog, Dee Karl, and Chris Botta all addressed the issue either last night or today on their sites.

“This lack of coverage comes on the heels of Newsday charging for access to their website, (free for Cablevision and Newsday subscribers) but it just doesn’t seem right to completely omit the Islanders. There have been numerous occasions where an article did not make the print edition, but was available online – shunning non-subs from reaching content beyond blogs.” (Michael Schuerlein)

Dee Karl of Hockeybuzz went on a full out tirade over an article in today’s Newsday:
“I am not quite sure if James Bernstein (james.bernstein@newsday.com) wrote the article on the LI Business page, as his is the only by-line on the page, but there are three features on pg A44. All I know is that while it may be accurate in its regurgitation of the recent Forbes "Business of Hockey" report, it failed dismally to explore the reasons for the financial downturn. It also ignored the recent on-ice GOOD fortune.”

Chris Botta had this to say to his readers:
“Want the Islanders covered? Write the sports editor.”

Newsday is coming under firing on blog sites, but I doubt they’re really feeling it in the corporate offices. Do I believe Cablevision who owns Newsday, the Knicks, the Rangers, and the MSG Networks is purposely giving the Islanders the shaft in coverage? I do, but I’m not a person who is gunna jump up and down because I can’t watch my team in HD. I’ll live. It’s not the end of the world if I have to suffer through 2 hours of crappy reception as long as my team wins. As for Newsday coverage, I barley have time to skim through Newsday and if I go looking for Islanders coverage Newsday’s my last stop. I more inclined check the blogosphere than look at a paper who’s coverage of my team is so minimal that I learn more from NHL Fanhouse, Islanders Point Blank, Puck Daddy, and other hockey/Islanders sites.

Here on my site though this is the only time I’ll ever moan about the coverage or lack thereof for the Islanders. I’d rather spend my time covering the team and not the coverage.



ChristianArn312@aol.com (Christian A. ) November Fri, 20 Nov 2009 02:33:06 +0000
Pink Slip Game http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2009-articles/november/pink-slip-game.html http://www.islandershockeyblog.com/2009-articles/november/pink-slip-game.html Am I the only one that thinks the NHL should borrow a page from the WWE for one of their games tonight?  Why not have a Pink Slip Game when the puck drops between Toronto and Carolina this evening?

Now obviously this would never happen because people already look down on the NHL as it is, and this would just give them more reason to call it a circus.  But really, they used to have Pink Slip Matches in the WWE when I once watched many years ago (then WWF).  Pretty much, the loser was "fired," or in other words, given a soap opera justified legitimacy to be gone from shows for a few months while the wrestler actually takes vacation.

But look at these two teams:  Both have only three wins and both have only 11 points.  Technically Carolina is last in the league because they have one more game played than Toronto has, Carolina being 3-12-5 and Toronto 3-11-5.  And goal wise, Carolina has scored less than Toronto (44 to Toronto's 47) and they've given up more goals (allowing 75, Toronto giving up 71).

Clearly the worst two teams in the league at this moment, which neither one of them should be anywhere near this place in the standings, a Pink Slip Game would make great sense.  Plus when do we see a quarter of the season pass by with no coach getting fired?  What's keeping these coaches employed this year?

The NHL needs a way to get people's attention, this is it.  It isn't just the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Carolina Hurricanes, it's Ron Wilson's job vs. Paul Maurice's job.  And you can really make it great if, at the game's conclusion, the GM of the losing team brings down his now ex-coach's contract, and the players from the winning team get to skate all over it and shread it to pieces.  Not only would you get a strong viewer audience for that game, but you'd also be creating new rivalries; there's only upside.

This type of event will never take place, but it's an interesting idea.  But seriously, whichever team loses tonight, that coach shouldn't be employed tomorrow.  Three wins in 20 games?  14 game winless streaks?  I'll take Toronto to win tonight, probably in overtime.  So give me Maurice's job on a pike tomorrow.

redwing91@cfl.rr.com (Eric Ritter) November Thu, 19 Nov 2009 15:02:43 +0000