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Written by Christian A. | 21 October 2009

It took seven games but the Islanders have finally won this season. Thanks to the quick hands of Jeff Tamballini, Frans Nielson and of course, JOHN TAVARES the Isles salveged another third period collapse and won in the shootout, along with a much improved Dwayne Roloson.

It would be the Islanders who would once again have all the advantages in the first, with several scoring chances and one that became the Islanders first goal. At 8:11 Andy Sutton fed Matt Moulson in front of the net to give the Islanders the 1-0 lead, along with giving Moulson his fifth goal of the season. Later in the first Bredon Witt and Scott Walker would drop the gloves in front of the Isles net. Witt would be pumbled by Walker before finally getting a few good jabs in, then getting wrestled down to the ice.

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Written by Eric Ritter | 21 October 2009

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Written by Christian A. | 20 October 2009

With all the controversy and displeasure that has gone along with the Islanders goal song this last season and this season Islanders Hockey Blog has decided to help fight to get our beloved "Hey" song back. You can help too, we are asking any and all readers to sign our petition and spread the word about it to gain enough support to get the Islanders Organization to at least address the issue. Our goal is one million signatures and we hope to reach by November 20th. Sign the Petition and spread the word, you can sign by Clicking this link here to view the official petition. no comments

Written by Christian A. | 20 October 2009

Since the Game up in Boston, where the Islanders collapsed in the third blowing a three goal lead and subsequently losing in OT. The Islanders have seemed flat footed and lack confidence after opponents start to turn the tide on them since then. While the goaltending has been bad (to say the least), the team gets lazy and now their six games in and still winless, and who have some started to blame? Scott Gordon, of course,The second year head coach whos been appointed to be an assistant coach for team USA.

So today Chris Botta, of NHL Fanhouse and Islanders Point Blank went to the players to find out how thye view their head coach and his agressive style of hockey. Here are a few samplings of their opinions:

Kyle Okposo: “Scott has been the biggest reason for my development at the NHL level. He has put in a lot of time with me, making suggestions on how I could be more effective and use my talents. He has put me in every position to succeed and has given me so much guidance.

“As a team, we’re all looking forward to growing with Scott and his staff. We need some time, but we’re going to be all right in the end.”

Matt Moulson: “If anyone’s looking for someone to say anything other than praise for Scott Gordon, I’m the last person to go to. He’s the reason I’m here and I’m going to do everything I can for that guy.

 “I don’t know how to explain it, but he gives you confidence without even saying much. He demands your best while not breathing down your neck.

John Tavares: “Scott has been really good for me since the first day. He has given me so much confidence and had me ready to be at my best with these first games of my career.

 “The communication has been open and positive. We spend a lot of time on the ice at practice and after with video going over ways for me to improve. He’s given me a lot of constructive criticism but also the freedom to be creative offensively. Scott wants us to be a good skating team and be aggressive. In the long run, that’s going to make us a better team. It’s a very good style of play for me. I love it.”

For the whole article anf Botta's take on it click here.

HockeyBuzz's Dee Karl also has an interesting write up about Coach Gordon, his coaching style and more player praise, I suggest you check it out.

Scott Gordon in my eyes is the right man to lead this young Isles team and while the Islanders have struggled out of the Gordon's time and effort with the young players is paying off. Look at Matt Moulson as another Gordon succes story,last year Moulson played seven games for the kings racking an unimpresive 1 goal, 0 assists, and was a -4. Now look at this year under Gordon, in the six games hes played he has had 4 goals, 3 assists and is a +2 along with leading the team in scoring so far this season. You also can't look past his work with Kyle Okposo, who lead the team in scoring last year and has become a major blip on the NHL radar including becoming a team USA candidate for this years olympic squad.

In the Islanders PB article their is one quote that stands out in my mind that sums up whats been going on, Martin Biron said in the piece,"Scott is giving us the tools to be successful. The staff does a great job going over the game plan and making adjustments between periods. It’s the turnovers that are killing us. That’s up to us as players to correct.”

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Written by Dave G. | 17 October 2009

What exactly would relocation mean for the Islanders?

Charles Wang, Islanders owner and president of the Lighthouse Development Group, has started to explore options for the New York Islanders,  including relocation if the Lighthouse Project gets the thumbs down from the Town of Hempstead.

If you've had your head under a rock since 2004, or you dont follow islander news, the Lighthouse project is the transformation of the Nassau Coliseum and the surrounding parking lot into a "modern 24/7 suburban center". The LDG has been at an impasse with the town about getting this project through, and it seems as if people like Supervisor Murray are trying to metaphorically "kill" the lighthouse.  If she succeeds, in 2016;  Charles Wang, and the Islanders organization, will pack their bags and leave. You are dead wrong if you think the islanders want to play in the dumpy coliseum a second longer than they have to.

And if the islanders leave, the Nassau Coliseum, and the rotting, grass-infested parking lot surrounding it, will become an empty wasteland. They would never sell out a concert, ice show, or public event again. Every time you are driving on the Hempstead Turnpike, you'll look to the side, and see the antiquated coliseum, and let out a nostalgic sigh, and keep driving, you'll remember the team that once played there and the dream we let slip away.

"Option #1," Queens Chamber Of Commerce's Exec. VP told Newsday, "should be Queens".

A state-of-the-art Islanders arena, adjacent to Citi Field, sure sounds like a great idea, why?

In Philadelphia, they have a sports complex (above) that houses all their teams, The Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field, The Phillies at Citizens Bank Park, The Flyers at Wachovia Center, and the Phantoms of the AHL at the Wachovia Spectrum. For New Yorkers, having the Mets and Islanders, within such proximity to each other, would make all of our lives much easier. Not to mention access to the LIRR, the 7 subway, and major highways. This would bring tons of revenue for the city (having the islaners) and greatly help in the redevelopment of the Willets Point neighborhood. In my opinion, a move to NYC would be much better than a move to KC.



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Written by Kenny Cari | 17 October 2009

Sorry about the long delay from the Islanders vs. Kings game to the slideshow video. I've been busy, but i guarantee that this time I will have the slideshow of the Islanders vs.Sharks game by tonight, I am going to the game tonight, and I will also have pictures to go with the slideshow. Please enjoy my Islanders vs. Kings slideshow, and get ready for my Islanders vs. Sharks slideshow video.



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Written by Kenny Cari | 17 October 2009

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