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Written by Christian A. | 19 November 2009

If you ever seen sports soup, a show that puts a humorous spin on events in the world of sports, then you know the segment “Covering the Coverage”. Well it seems this week that fans and blogger are “covering the coverage” and not in the funny, whimsical way it’s done on Sports soup.

Since the start of the 09-10 season fans and bloggers have loudly expressed their displeasure with the fact that a significant amount of games this season have not and will not be in HD due to overflow on some nights. Drawing the short straw, New York’s other hockey team has to be watched standard definition even though IO advertises that all nine teams can be seen in high deff.

Then there is the Newsday coverage, things fired up today when Isles Blog, Dee Karl, and Chris Botta all addressed the issue either last night or today on their sites.

“This lack of coverage comes on the heels of Newsday charging for access to their website, (free for Cablevision and Newsday subscribers) but it just doesn’t seem right to completely omit the Islanders. There have been numerous occasions where an article did not make the print edition, but was available online – shunning non-subs from reaching content beyond blogs.” (Michael Schuerlein)

Dee Karl of Hockeybuzz went on a full out tirade over an article in today’s Newsday:
“I am not quite sure if James Bernstein ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) wrote the article on the LI Business page, as his is the only by-line on the page, but there are three features on pg A44. All I know is that while it may be accurate in its regurgitation of the recent Forbes "Business of Hockey" report, it failed dismally to explore the reasons for the financial downturn. It also ignored the recent on-ice GOOD fortune.”

Chris Botta had this to say to his readers:
“Want the Islanders covered? Write the sports editor.”

Newsday is coming under firing on blog sites, but I doubt they’re really feeling it in the corporate offices. Do I believe Cablevision who owns Newsday, the Knicks, the Rangers, and the MSG Networks is purposely giving the Islanders the shaft in coverage? I do, but I’m not a person who is gunna jump up and down because I can’t watch my team in HD. I’ll live. It’s not the end of the world if I have to suffer through 2 hours of crappy reception as long as my team wins. As for Newsday coverage, I barley have time to skim through Newsday and if I go looking for Islanders coverage Newsday’s my last stop. I more inclined check the blogosphere than look at a paper who’s coverage of my team is so minimal that I learn more from NHL Fanhouse, Islanders Point Blank, Puck Daddy, and other hockey/Islanders sites.

Here on my site though this is the only time I’ll ever moan about the coverage or lack thereof for the Islanders. I’d rather spend my time covering the team and not the coverage.



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Written by Eric Ritter | 19 November 2009

Am I the only one that thinks the NHL should borrow a page from the WWE for one of their games tonight?  Why not have a Pink Slip Game when the puck drops between Toronto and Carolina this evening?

Now obviously this would never happen because people already look down on the NHL as it is, and this would just give them more reason to call it a circus.  But really, they used to have Pink Slip Matches in the WWE when I once watched many years ago (then WWF).  Pretty much, the loser was "fired," or in other words, given a soap opera justified legitimacy to be gone from shows for a few months while the wrestler actually takes vacation.

But look at these two teams:  Both have only three wins and both have only 11 points.  Technically Carolina is last in the league because they have one more game played than Toronto has, Carolina being 3-12-5 and Toronto 3-11-5.  And goal wise, Carolina has scored less than Toronto (44 to Toronto's 47) and they've given up more goals (allowing 75, Toronto giving up 71).

Clearly the worst two teams in the league at this moment, which neither one of them should be anywhere near this place in the standings, a Pink Slip Game would make great sense.  Plus when do we see a quarter of the season pass by with no coach getting fired?  What's keeping these coaches employed this year?

The NHL needs a way to get people's attention, this is it.  It isn't just the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Carolina Hurricanes, it's Ron Wilson's job vs. Paul Maurice's job.  And you can really make it great if, at the game's conclusion, the GM of the losing team brings down his now ex-coach's contract, and the players from the winning team get to skate all over it and shread it to pieces.  Not only would you get a strong viewer audience for that game, but you'd also be creating new rivalries; there's only upside.

This type of event will never take place, but it's an interesting idea.  But seriously, whichever team loses tonight, that coach shouldn't be employed tomorrow.  Three wins in 20 games?  14 game winless streaks?  I'll take Toronto to win tonight, probably in overtime.  So give me Maurice's job on a pike tomorrow.

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Written by Christian A. | 16 November 2009

The Islanders come away with their second win on their seven game road trip and this time pulling it off in regulation. The biggest story tonight though is the outstanding goal tending by Dwayne Roloson and the near hat trick for Matt Moulson.

The Islanders came in looking to redeem themselves after the three goal lead collapse they had last time they were here. Boston was ready to put up a fight however, starting with some big hits including one on Mark Streit. The Physicality would not keep the Isles off the board however, at 6:00 into the first Matt Moulson scored his ninth goal of the season to give the Islanders the 1-0 lead. The Islanders would keep up the pressure and would continue to get goal opportunities. The Islanders D men would also come up big during a 5-3 power play for the Bruins who did not convert thanks to several big saves by Dwayne Roloson and smart play by the Islanders penalty killers.

The second would start with an odd array of penalties by both teams causing 4-4’s. 4-3’s and 5-4’s. The Bruins would not convert again thanks in part to several more big saves by Dwayne Roloson. Freddy Meyer would come up with huge play breaking up an odd man rush, but the Islanders would fail to clear the puck and Marco Strum would score to tie the game at one. The Goal would be reviewed but upheld because it was John Tavares who knocked the goal off its moorings. The second was nearing an end, but with 1:11 Matt Moulson scored his second goal of the game off of a nice pass from Richard park, who got his second assist.

The third would start with excitement, Just 1:50 in it seemed and was announced that Matt Moulson scored his third goal (aka hat trick goal). After a look at the replay it was discovered that the puck went in off a Boston defender’s skate and the goal ultimately went to John Tavares. The game was sealed when Trent Hunter scored on the Empty Boston net making the final 4-1 Islanders.

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Written by Eric Ritter | 14 November 2009

Let's hope that over the next several General Manager's meetings that they all keep in mind that they are GMs for National Hockey League teams and not Arena Football League teams.

One topic at this year's meeting for discussion was the possibility of changing the rule with regards to when a puck hits the netting on the high glass behind the goaltender.  After a young Columbus fan was struck and killed by a puck flying over the glass and out of the offensive zone, the NHL mandated that these nets be placed at each venue.  The rules were made that if the puck hits the net, which means it would have gone out of play, that the whistle would be blown and there'd be a faceoff.

But coming out of the lockout, the NHL wanted quite badly to open up the offense and get more scoring and thus, more excitement, into the game.  Rule tweaks and reinforcements have helped open the game up compared to the seasons leading to the lockout.  But always looking to do more, rumors of keeping the flow of the game moving and keeping offenses in the zone longer led to the talk of letting the puck bounce off the netting and stay in play.

Many fans are rooted in and greatly appreciate the deep history of the game of hockey and do not like to see pieces of their game tampered with.  Even non-game play related components such as certain jerseys for certain teams fans do not like at all to see touched, just ask Sabre fans.

So if that is the case, why would the NHL even consider this option?  Let's keep in mind that had a young girl not unfortunately lost her life, that those nets wouldn't even be there and this wouldn't even be a topic.  This idea now is ridiculous enough as it is, so there's no way the NHL would have ever considered putting the nets up on their own for the whole "rebound effect" idea.  The nets are up there for protecting the fans, not for assisting the offensive team, and let's keep it that way.  If they want to increase offense using protective devices, why don't they put cans of mace on certain player's shoulder pads?  Nothing like one guy getting an unofficial assist for blinding the goalie while his teammate puts it in from the half boards.

I don't want to see teams shooting the puck 80 feet into the air to "high dump it" off the net so they can go make a line change.  While the NHL is at it, they should also consider adding a basketball hoop in the middle of the nets, that way teams can shoot for the hoop for additional, non-play stopping goals if they make it in.

Tightly strung rebound nets work for the AFL, that was an original part of their design.  It doesn't work for the NHL, it is a terrible idea that would ruin the tradition of the game and credibility of the league.

This isn't an idea that will probably fly too well with the GMs, but Bettman wants offense, and lots of it, and wants to open up the game as much as possible to make it more exciting.  So even if 30 GMs are saying no, he'll still sit in his office and shove it down their throats for as long as he can until they give in.  Let's just hope someone realizes that using this tactic to open up offense would also open up a great deal of seats in each arena, because people would stop going to the games.  Doing this would turn the entire NHL into a Harlem Globetrotters like offensive circus.

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Written by Christian A. | 13 November 2009

Islanders in Carolina tonight looking for two more points to the one they recieved wednesday night in D.C.

Blake Comeau and Kyle Okposo are both back with the team and skating today and both could possible start tonight. more to come later.


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Written by Christian A. | 11 November 2009

The Islanders are in washington tonight looking for their second straight win after thrashing Atlanta 6-3 Saturdaynight at theColiseum.Tonights Islanders Lineup:


Moulson - Tavares- Park

Bergenheim - Nielsen - Hunter

Tambellini - Bailey - Sim

Schremp - Thompson - Jackman

-Both Jeff Tamballini and Rob Schremp will play tonight due to illness by Kyle Okposo, an upper body injury to Doug Weight and now Blake Comeau is feeling under the weather and did not skate this morning.

-Dwayne Roloson will start tonight in net, the guys been on fire. 5-1-3 this season.

Finaly I leave you with IHB's Isleslights for the month of october


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Written by Christian A. | 10 November 2009

Per newsday and Islanders Point Blank, Islanders Foward Kyle Okposo will not make the 4 game roud trip due to a case of the swine flu. Doug weight will now miss 4-6 weeks from an upper body injury. Frown no comments