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Written by Christian A. | 25 September 2009

If you've ever Checked out Bloguin's hockey blog section you might have noticed the same thing i did. Many of the great hockey blogs on this network cover Atlantic Division teams and i am utilizing this unique situation. In the 82 game regular season the Islanders face Atlantic Division teams 23 times this season, 12 of which will be played at the Coliseum. Thanks to the help of the geat bloggers at Pensblog, Running with the Devils, Flyers Goal Scored By..., and The Manic Ranger, we will be able to give you a preview of what to expect when the Islanders face each of these teams during the season. Each blogger does outstanding work and their sites are work checking out all year long to keep up on all the teams in the Atlantic Division 

Pittsburgh Penguins:
As much as we should hate the Islanders, out of all the teams in the Atlantic, they are the team we want to see return to dominance.   Just the thought of some big-time playoff series on Long Island gets us going. 

As far as the Pens go, their nucleus of star players is growing together exactly how everyone envisioned.  Malkin and Crosby, in their early 20s, have been compared head-to-head the last two post-seasons with Zetterberg and Datsyuk, both of which are in their late 20s, early 30s.  Malkin and Crosby will be scary-good this season, and we don't even want to know what they're gonna be like in two, three years.  The Isles are trying to get their legs under them, and it's actually good for them to be in the same division as the defending champs.  The Isles will be treating the six games with the Pens this season as their Stanley Cup Finals.
We're not even saying this to be nice, but the Pens and Isles will split the season series 3-3 this season.   The Islanders always steal some joke game away from us, and even the mystique of the Nassau alone will leave the Penguins powerless in another game.
-Courtesy of the Pensblog


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Written by Christian A. | 24 September 2009

Today i cam across 2 interesting article on Islanders Point Blank and Still Drivin. One is written by daughter of Al Arbour, Janice Arbour about what the islanders mean to Long Island. And Still Drivin gives their opinion on what will happen with the Islanders and Lighthouse Project. Both interesting reads go and check them out. no comments

Written by Christian A. | 23 September 2009

Attention readers, Islanders Hockey Blog is searching for new bloggers to join the Islanders Hockey Blog team. No bloging background is neccesarry all we're asking is for passionate Islanders fans who have strong opinions and knowledge.  Everyone is encouraged to contact me if interested. Email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with a short sample piece and in subject write Islanders Hockey Blog and please include your name. Once again every one is encouraged to contact me if you are interested in joining Islanders Hockey Blog no comments

Written by Christian A. | 23 September 2009

This post is short and sweet, Now that the zoning hearing is over Islanders Hockey Blog will focus on the hockey aspect of the Islanders unless I feel i need to adress new news concerning the Lighthouse project. Lighthouse news and opinion can be found in any of the great blogs in our blog roll, but please continue to check out Islanders Hockey Blog for the lastest Islanders hockey news, opinion and everything else you've come to expect from this site. no comments

Written by Christian A. | 22 September 2009

So for my first town hearing i came away with this immpression, people can become extreamly nasty while expressing their opinion or when they disapaprove of yours. It started off with further questioning of some Lighthouse consultents folllowed up by comments, questions, concerns and support of the Lighthouse Project. That 2 hour period went pretty much like this, supporters went up there got thunderus applouse and cheers while opponents were greeted by boos and jeers including a 16 year girl who had the guts to go up and express her concerns. People from all walks of life spoke including a few high school juniors and seniors who were mostly in support of the Project. Anyway for more in depth coverage check out Let There Be Light(house) and here are pics from tonights meeting.




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Written by Christian A. | 22 September 2009

Tonight the Islanders take on the Los Angelas Kings in Kansas City. The game, which was speculated to be a threat to the Town of Hempstead as a wake up call is said to have struggled selling tickets only managing an estimated crowd of 10,000 people.
Here is tonigts lineup (according to Newsday):

Forwards: Sim, Bailey, Moore, Romano, Hunter, Joensuu, Jackman, Haley, Martin, Thompson, Tambellini, Haskins

Defenseman: Sutton, Hillen, Meyer, Gervais, Westgarth, Kohn

Goalies: Roloson, Lawson

Last night the Islanders made several cuts, sending Jyri Niemi and Kevin Poulin were sent back to juniors and Robin Figren and Mikko Koskinen were sent down to Bridgeport.

Finaly the Zoning hear for the Lighthouse Project is going on as i type this, the days events have been an up and down for supporters and hockey fans alike. I will hopefully be making the trip out their for the 6:00 session. Check back later for the developments from the hearing.


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Written by Christian A. | 20 September 2009

Here is the live feed for tonights Oilers vs Islanders game,pleaseleave your thoughts on tonights game in the comment section. no comments