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Written by Christian A. | 01 December 2009

Not as dramatic as the title may sound, but in a sort ironic twist of fate that's what it almost seems like. If you've attended a game this year you'll notice that the once "gloriously unsponsored" Nassau Coliseum as Dominik from Lighthouse Hockey puts it seems to have sponsored up.

Where Lighthouse, Islanders and Dragon banners once stood have now been replaced by a giant advertisement for Verizon Fios. While those banners still hang on the Coliseum, the move by (who ever is in charge of that) to turn the outside of the coliseum into a giant billboard for Fios seems kind of funny.

Cablevision, Fios's biggest competitor, has really been giving the Islanders the short end of the stick in the way of HD availability and the way the company owned newspaper, Newsday covers the team. Especially since Cablevision owns the Knicks and the rival, New York Rangers; talk about coincidence. Is this Charles Wangs way of giving the finger to Dolan and his media empire, by advertising for their competitor. And if we are real Islanders fans should we cancel our IO packages and sign up for Fios right away?

Probably not, on both accounts. The placing of Verzion adds is probably a way of helping pay the bills, providing needed money to the Coliseum owners or Islanders owner and not some plan to strike at Cablevison.

It's always fun to speculate though, the coincedental timing of this couldnt have better though.


SIDE-NOTE:I will continue to update the site as often as possible even though as you all may or may not know my laptop died sunday November 22.

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Written by Christian A. | 30 November 2009

NHL Arena is holding an Isles Blog-off and IHB is in the hunt to move onto the next round. We are asking all readers to

A. register on NHL Arena and then vote for us there


B. If you are already registered vote for us.

We need all the support we can get to move on to the next round. Help us in our hunt to win and ROCK THE VOTE. (couldn't resist)

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Written by Eric Ritter | 30 November 2009

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Written by Christian A. | 25 November 2009

Coming off a tough 4-3 win in Toronto, The Isles come back home to the coliseum tonight to face Ray Emry and the Flyers. Here is tonight's Islanders line:

Moulson - Tavares - Hunter

Bergenheim - Nielsen - Okposo

Sim - Bailey - Tambellini

Thompson - Park - Jackman


Sutton - Hillen

Streit - Gervais

Witt - Meyer

Along with Martin Biron who will get the start tonight against his former team. “This is not a regular game,” Biron told Islanders Point Blank. “It’s special.”

Franchise goalie Rick Dipietro participated in his first full practice yesterday, here is what he had to say afterwords:

Finally, sorry to all the readers for not updating the site this week. My laptop crashed sunday and I have not been able to get it fixed. So now that i have acces to another computer I hope to have more pieces up.

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Written by Eric Ritter | 23 November 2009

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Written by Christian A. | 21 November 2009

I'm too pissed to write a real review of this so here is the abbreviated one, Islanders take 1-0 lead early and then blow it. They lose embarrassingly to the Blues 4-1. Now off to face self righteous Toronto Media and the Toronto Maple Laughs Leafs. no comments

Written by Kenny Cari | 21 November 2009

The Islanders played a final home game on November 7th, 2009 before going on a long road trip to play many different teams. I have waited until the tail end of the road trip to provide you this video. no comments