The slot machines at  Norske Spilleautomater.com  are typically known as some of the most famous choices of the casino visitors from different parts of the world. The conventional slot machines have levers that can initiate the reel spinning for the coiled spring of the machine. Each of these reels will stop and go at a random time. Once you stop the reels, the slot machine will read out the result and will award you with a pay out, if you are eligible to have them. In some casino centers, the slot machines have computerized slots that utilize random number generators to help control the reel stopping rate.

Bonus Multiplier

The bonus multiplier slots somehow have a somewhat similar structure with the straight multiplier in terms of paying out. Assuming that the slot machine can accommodate up to three coins per game, you may add a bonus payout if you decide to play this maximum number of coins per game. You can typically use the same payout ratio used for the straight multiplier slot machines. In this light, you can use a payout schedule that can award you with five coins everytime you fit a cherry with only one coin inserted, ten coins for two coins, and 25 for three coins.

Straight Multiplier

The straight multiplier  slots  are slot machines that can help increase your pay out rate by a constant multiple for each of the additional coin that you decide to play. You can have no advantage if you decide to play using the maximum amount of coins for this type of machine. For instance, acquiring three bars will pay you out with ten coins if you have played using one coin. The same ratio applies if you decide to play using 20 or 30 coins.

Multiple Pay Lines

On the other hand, the multiple pay lines for the slots can permit you to purchase additional pay lines. You can use this by inserting more coins in the machine. Playing only one coin can generally activate the middle pay line only. If you have scored a winning result for the top or the bottom line, you may not be paid if ever you have played with only one coin. The second coin that you will insert will typically add up to the top line. On the other hand, the third coin will add up to the bottom line. If the slot machine can accommodate up to five coins, the next two coins can help activate two of the diagonal pay lines.