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John Tavares Named to All-Star Game | January

Uniondale, NY --
John Tavares has officially been named the Islanders lone NHL All-Star game representative.

Speculation prior to the announcement that he would indeed be named to the all-star team, especially after the way he has been play of late. Tavares currently leads the team in scoring with 39 (14 goals, 25 assists) and has been major force on the ice creating scoring chances for his teammates.

Tavares was not too hung up on whether he would be named to the all-star team, but understands the honor that is playing in the NHL All-Star game.

“Well no question it’s a big honor,” Tavares said when asked about what it would mean to be an all-star. “I used to watch the game all the time growing up and always dreamed of being in the game. It’d be pretty cool to be an all-star at this level and represent the Islanders as well.”

Someone who is no stranger to the all-star festivities is 2009 Islanders All-Star and current captain Mark Streit.

“For me it was a huge honor,” Streit said when asked about his experience at the game. “The biggest honor you can imagine. It’s a great weekend. You see all the other great players from the league and obviously John played really well and outstanding.”

The NHL All-Star game will take place Sunday, January 29, 2012 in Ottawa, Ontario.