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Islanders Selecting Fourth in NHL Draft | April

The Islanders learned tonight that they’d be selecting fourth overall in this years NHL Draft.

The draft order is how most people expected it to turn out with one twist. The Maple Leafs will pick fifth, Montreal at three, and then the surprise of the Blue Jackets picking second and the Oilers picking first for the third year in a row.

For the Islanders it will be the fifth straight year that they will have a top five pick in the draft. They infamously traded down to take Josh Bailey in 2008, picked John Tavares number one in 2009, selected Nino Niederrieter fifth overall in 2010, and picked Ryan Strome fifth in 2011.

Some in “Islanders Country” are saying the Isles should trade the pick for an established top six forward or top four forward. A move like that would make plenty of sense given the Isles already deep pool of young talent in their farm system. Plus, the Islanders need help now rather than later and the biggest thing that will get them over the hump, and into the playoffs, would be an established forward or defensemen.

But tell us what you think. In the comments section play Islanders general manager, who do you pick? Do you trade the pick? Let us know.