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Isles Unveil New Third Jerseys; What Do You Think? | November

(Photo credit: New York Islanders Flickr)

Updated 7:10 - Here it is the new Islanders third Jersey. Fans leave your thoughts in the comments section and tell us what you think. Good, Bad, or otherwise tell us how you feel. 

The Islanders will debut the new third jersey on November 23 when they host the Flyers and then wear it again the day after thanksgiving when they take on the New Jersey Devils.  Below is a complete list of dates the Islanders will wear the jersey (excludes the Flyers and Devils game):

December 10th vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
December 23rd vs. Toronto Maple Leafs
January 12th vs. Philadelphia Flyers
January 21st vs. Carolina Hurricanes
February 4th vs. Buffalo Sabres
February 20th vs. Ottawa Senators
March 4th vs. New Jersey Devils
March 13th vs. Washington Capitals
March 31st vs. Boston Bruins
April 5th vs. Winnipeg Jets