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Capuano Not the Problem for Struggling Isles | November

Last night’s 5-0 loss to Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburg Penguins was a tough game to watch. The Islanders have had several of those types of games this season, to the dismay of the fans of course. And as the Islanders slip to the bottom of the east, and the NHL, said fans are looking for blood with some calling for Capuano to be fired.

But how fair is to blame Jack Capuano for this mess? Following the 6-0 loss to the Boston Bruins, Capuano tried to inject some fire into his team with a passionate post game presser.

“When you play this game, you need to play with fire, you need to play with passion, you need to play with determination, you need to play with desperation,” Capuano said following the loss to Bruins. “You need to have ice bags after a game, maybe a little blood dripping right now.  When you lace your skates us, the guy across from you and the guy on the left and the right of you, they need to know that you’ve got their back and are going to play for one another and that just didn’t happen tonight and I don’t have the answers why.”

Chris Botta of the New York Times also reported that Capuano held a “lengthy team meeting in the Islanders’ locker room at Nassau Coliseum” following the Bruins debacle.

Capuano has done everything from staying positive, which he did possible too long, to vocalizing his agitation to the media and players. He’s sat Okposo, Comeau, Dipietro to try and send a message to the players and the team, yet they still come up short night in and night out.

At this point it’s on management to make moves, whether that means bringing in help from Bridgeport or bring in help from outside the organization, and the players finding their own motivation to turn things around.

It’s hard to blame the man who has done everything, but lace up skates and jump on the ice himself, to turn around this team.