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[Video] Thrasher Fans Try to Defuse "Myths" | May

Yesterday was quite the rollercoaster ride for fans of the Atlanta Thrashers and the team’s stint in Atlanta, for the moment, seems all but over.  Reports indicate that the Atlanta Spirit group that owns the team Is in talks with True North Sports to sell the team and move them to the Winnipeg area.

The impending doom has not stopped the diehard fans from trying to refute some claims made against their team. In this fan made video from the website Keep the Thrashers.com. The video attempts to debunk some “myths” that people have about the Thrashers situation.

While I am very sympathetic to the Thrashers situation, there seem to be some misnomers in the arguments presented. For one, they compared the attendance of the Thrashers over the years to both the Islanders and Blackhawks citing their rich history. Basically what they did was throw both teams under the bus without understanding the ownership and arena issues at hand for both teams.

Adding to that, the video claims that the Atlanta Spirit group has only had clear title to the team since December 22, 2010 and could not have been trying to sell the team for years like the NHL and ownership has been saying.  While I may not be too familiar with the situation in Atlanta I do have to say that if the group didn’t have clear title before December 22 and couldn’t sell the team, then how were they able to operate and make profits from the team but not sell it?

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