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Message From A Canucks Fan | June

Editors Note: I was orgially planning a full write up on last nights riots in Vancouver, but after reading a message from a friend and former high school classmate now residing in Vancouver I decided to just post his statement to me.

Kaushik Lohia is a die hard Canucks fan and is vancouvernite who was disgusted by what happened in his city following game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. 

After seeing my continuing updates and reaction to the events unfolding up in the Canadian city he sent me a message on Facebook that sums up the feelings of a majority of residents and Canucks fans.

"This is NOT how Vancouver/Canuck fans truly act. This is a group of troublemakers who started a riot. True fans support their team and support their city. From the glorified Olympics and to winning Most Livable City, this beautiful city has dropped in the books." 

He later posted on his facebook wall,

"For others watching across the country and the rest of the world, this is NOT what Vancouver is. True Canuck fans are extremely disgusted and disappointed in this group of hooligans who started all this embarrassment. Great series to the Stanley Cup champs and Vancouver, we'll support you until we die"

Kaushik is correct, you did not see the true Vancouver last night and it's sad that the world will have only one image of the city now. A city that only a year ago was the golden goose of Canada during the winter Olympics.