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Jay Jacobs Makes Fool of Himself on WFAN | July

Charles Wang and his quest for a new arena may have gotten the biggest boost from an unlikely person.  Jay Jacobs, the Nassau County democratic chairmen.

Jacobs, along with Wang, went on WFAN with Mike Francesa to discuss the upcoming vote on the referendum for a new arena. Jacobs, to say the least, didn’t help his parties cause. Which seems to be to kill the new arena plan.

Jacobs started off by saying he wants to keep the Islanders on Long Island and more specifically Nassau County.  But he didn’t believe that taxpayers should have to pay or have an increase in property tax.

He then proceeded to embarrass himself and his party.

The democratic chairmen told New York’s most popular sports talk show host that the building would only take 18 months to build, something that was laughed at later by Wang and Francesa, which was building to his point that he did not believe Wang’s “threats.” He went on to tell Francesa about that the plan would increase property tax four percent and would cost each household $58.  Both, by the way, are incorrect figures and have been disproven by the Islanders and Wang in the past.

Then it got even sillier. Francesa asked for his alternative to the current plan. Jacobs proposed on air for season ticket holders to pay for it through the use of PSLs. Francesa responded in a loud and shocked tone that it would never work in the NHL.

Jacobs later said in the interview, “Everyone who has an interest in the team to stay has to chip in.”

He continued his baseless attack on the plan by citing the wrong number of construction jobs and trying to accuse Wang and the county of “rigging” the referendum. A claim, which Francesa again jumped on him again.

In the end of his segment, Jacobs came away looking foolish and unprepared.  He hurt the opposition’s cause on the MOST listened to sports talk show in the New York Metro area.  

Incase you missed the full interview click here