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Why Poulin should have been sent down and Moulson Rumor mill | January

-The Islanders sent down Nathan Lawson and Jesse Joensuu this morning. Joensuu had not been producing up to par and many fans had been calling for him to go back to Bridgeport and Lawson was not a player that was necessarily stellar either.  However with Lawson being sent down that meant that rookie goaltender Kevin Poulin will remain on the Islanders roster.

Poulin, who gave up five goals to the Devils yesterday, is 1-1-1 and has a save percentage of .915%. However don’t let the steady numbers allow you to think Poulin should still be on Long Island. In no way am I saying he is not a good goaltender, but he is still young and needs time to develop. Instead of having Poulin sit on the bench and back up Rick Dipietro the Islanders should have sent down Poulin and either had Lawson continue to back up DP or call up Mikko Koskinen to back him up. Thus allowing Poulin to get the majority of starts in Bridgeport and continue to develop and improve in an environment that would be less chaotic than the Nassau Coliseum.

-The rumor mill has been churning the last 24 hours implicating that Matt Moulson could be traded. For Islander fans that would be a tough pill to swallow if in fact the 30 goal scorer was delt to another team; early indications seem to be pointing to Boston.

Moulson has on several occasions said he wanted to remain an Islander, but he has left the negotiations to his agent to deal with. TSN’s Bob McKenzi tweeted that both Snow and his agent had talked but no real negotiations had begun.

For the Islanders trading away their only 30 goal scorer and one of the most likeable guys on the team would be a huge mistake…….if they do not get an adequate return. If Garth Snow was to trade Moulson the only way he would be able to still hold any credence with the fan base would be if he got a very talented experienced player in return. If the Islanders take anything less (just draft picks) then the trade would be simply and utterly unacceptable and the fan base that has had to endure so much this season alone will call for Snow’s head.