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Islanders host the GM Show | February

The Islanders hosted their second live Q & A session with Garth Snow yesterday on Islanders TV. ”The GM Show” featured questions submitted by fans for the Islanders GM to answer. Out of the 15 minute Q & A sessions was the usual Dipietro Questions, questions about Kevin Poulin, and the usual Lighthouse questions that is allowed in.

As expected, nothing news breaking came out of the internet show but there was some interesting information.

One of the first questions was about the rookie net minder Kevin Poulin and if he felt he could handle the NHL.  “In a perfect world he’d come out of juniors and spend time in the AHL,” Snow stated. He went on to say that he was not worried about the young goalie and that Poulin’s personal make up allows for him to handle pressure.

Snow was later asked about the NHLPA poll that stated the Islanders were the least desirable team to play for. “I firmly believe any poll like that has some correlation with our win/loss record,” Snow explained.

Then the inevitable Dipietro question came up. “I think you’ve seen games where Ricks been dominant the way he was prior to his injury,” snow started off saying. “Anytime you miss two seasons with injuries it’s tough for any athlete. Rick to me has played at a high level at many different times this season. I’m optimistic when Rick gets healthy that he’s going to play at a high level.”

Those were the major parts of the 15 minute session, but several other things came out during it. It was learned that the Islanders will be hosting their training camp on Long Island again next season. Also there is nothing new with the Lighthouse situation, somehow those always find their way in. “It’s an uncontrollable situation from the team point of view,” snow said in response to the question. Just have to focus on the task at hand and that’s winning hockey games.”

The Islanders will face the Maple Leafs tonight at 7:00.