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Dipietro to miss 4-6 with injury | February
Rick Dipietro didn't do himself any favors by getting into a fight with Penguins goaltender Brent Johnson Wednesdaynight. It did not help that he was TKO'ed with one punch. But the doozy would be the news that broke today; Dipietro will miss 4-6 with a facial fracture and knee swelling.

"It’s frustrating, it’s unfortunate and every other emotion you can throw in there," Dipietro toldNewsday's Arthur Staple today. "I’m sick of losing, our team’s sick of losing. You never go into a fight expecting you’re going to get smashed in the face that hard, or with these kind of consequences, but it happens and you move on."

Dipietro had already been under intense scrutiny for the fight when it happened and now that he could miss the remainder of the season will only make it worse. Not only has he ended his season early on the account of injury, but he has left his team in a massive hole.

With Dipietro out the Islanders only have one healthy goaltender on the roster in Kevin Poulin. They do have Evegeni Nabokov, but since he did not report and was subsequently suspened by the team the Islanders are left in a jam.