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Thoughts on Islanders in Suffolk | August

Newsday reported last night
that Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy and Islanders owner Charles Wang talked over the phone about moving the team to Suffolk County.

The article that appeared last night on Newsday’s website and in today’s print edition says that they had a “cordial” conversation and that last “maybe five minutes.” The article indicates Wang is away on vacation, but dialog will continue.

Suffolk County has been brought up on numerous occasions as a landing spot for the Islanders and the Levy has expressed interest in the past about bring the team over the boarder.

The problem though is where in Suffolk would the team go? That would be the challenge for the county and Wang.  Even though I am a Suffolk resident I don’t know to many ideal locations for an arena/area development other than the Calverton site. The problem is the site is in eastern Long Island, a ways away for anyone to travel, especially fans from Nassau, western Suffolk, Queens, Brooklyn and New Jersey.  Also, the county would have to invest in placing an LIRR station within walking distance to mitigate the previously mentioned concern.

Another site that could be of interest would be the site of what once was Kings Park Psychiatric center. However, while it is a closer location that Calverton it comes with just as many concerns.  It is not located within walking distance to a LIRR station, is also still too far away for fans that are outside of Suffolk County, and is not on a major roadway or located near a parkway.

My assessments are just superficial at best and there could be other locations that were overlooked. I think Suffolk would be a very viable option for the Islanders and considering their three options in the NY Metro area other than Nassau County it is second only to Queens.