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Isles Fan Launches Petition to get Isles to Queens | August

While many Islanders fans are wondering what will happen to their beloved team, one fan and Nassau resident is taking some action to try and influence where the Isles go.

Brandon, a Nassau resident and fan of the Islanders, has started an online petition to try and convince team owner Charles Wang to move the team to Queens. The petition, which was started on August 4, has garnered 151 signatures from fans wanting to see the team leave Nassau County.

Below is the petition verbatim to how it appears online:

Islanders fans have had enough of the turmoil dealing with the local government in Long Island, most specifically Nassau County and the Town of Hempstead.  We greatly appreciate and respect Charles Wang's commitment to rebuilding the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum to create a "destination point" however, the Islanders and Charles Wang's interests must now come to the forefront.

Nassau County has had its chance to keep the Isles, yet time after time have played political football and "jerked" the Islanders around from the Lighthouse fiasco, to the latest referendum, from Kate Murray, to Jay Jacobs.  The local municipalities are in this for their own gain and not the public good.

It is now time Charles, to move the franchise to Queens, specifically at the Willets Point Site!  There, the Isles can move to a spot closer to NYC, increasing spotlight on the team as well as having the ability to create a hub similar to the one you desired in the Lighthouse Project.  People of high clout in the Queens area have already come out and expressed deep interest in the Islanders.

At the very least, talk to them and make an educated decision for the good of the NY Islanders and its fans!



So why did Brandon start this petition one may ask? Well he feels the team has been disrespected in Nassau.

“I started this petition because I feel the Islanders deserve better than how they have been treated over the past decade by Nassau County,” Brandon explained via email. “The Islanders bring in huge tax revenue as well as civic pride to the area that you can not measure. The political games between the Republicans and Democrats in Nassau County have the Islanders caught in limbo and it is time for the Islanders to seriously inquire within other municipalities.”

He believes the proximity to the city and the Willets Point area’s centralized location to train, highways and airport make it an ideal location for Charles Wang to take his team.

“Numerous leaders in the Queens community have already expressed deep interest in bringing in the Islanders and I think Charles owes it to himself as well as Islanders fans to speak with leaders from Queens about the proposed Willets Point project.”

However Brandon isn’t sure whether or not Wang knows how much green the grass is on the other side of the county boarder or how much fans want to see the team move on.

“I do not know if Charles realizes how fed up Isles fans are with Nassau County and how much we truly hope the team moves to Queens. My hope is for this petition to reach numbers where we can send this over to Charles Wang and let him know where Isles fans stand on the issue.”