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Heart warming story from Inside Hockey | October

Breaking away from a pre-game report of tonight's Isles/Lightning match up, I bring you a heart warming story courtesy of Inside Hockey. Here is a summery from author Howard Shapiro,

The article/story itself is a very inspirational one about a 39 year old guy from Wisconsin (a hockey lifer) named Joe Rainer who suffered a debilitating brain tumor and thought he might never be able to get back onto the ice.  Feeling he was about to lose out on an important and vital part of his life, his wife wrote a letter to the President of Global Synthetic Ice (Perry Boskus) explaining their situation.  Perry was so moved by her letter that he donated one of his indoor synthetic ice surfaces and Joe was able to get back on the ice and reclaim something very important to him, the ability to skate and play hockey again.  That skating and playing hockey has helped immeasurably in his post-surgery recovery proves once again why it is the greatest game on the planet.

For full story Check out Inside Hockey. Definitely check it out, it's a great read and a heart warming story about perseverance over adversity.