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Custom Power Rankings | November

With an 82 game schedule it’s next to impossible to ever get an even read on all the teams until the season is almost over. There’s always a discrepancy in the number of games played and therefore numbers are skewed.

You can look around at a lot of different websites that cover hockey and almost all of them have some type of power ranking system. Systems which are usually based off only opinion, but obviously looking at the standings to help form that opinion. And while writers aren’t supposed to be biased, it’s impossible for anyone to not have even the slightest bit of bias when ranking teams for their power standings.

Realizing that, I developed a power ranking system based off of numbers only, meaning you get a true reading of team success without any bias because the numbers don’t lie.

I used this system once near the end of last season and decided to introduce it earlier this year so I can update it a time or two throughout the year to see how teams are doing.

This is how I formulate my power ranking system: You take points percentage, power play percentage, penalty killing percentage and goal differential and all the sum of those four parts together. Those numbers are then ordered one through thirty and the higher the number the higher ranked a team is. No bias, just statistics.

Below are how the rankings fell, with the number being the total sum of the four above parts.

1-Los Angeles Kings-207.6

2-Philadelphia Flyers-200.3

3-Washington Capitals-200.1

4-Detroit Red Wings-194.1

5-Vancouver Canucks-194.1 (Detroit wins the tie over Vancouver via points percentage)

6-Montreal Canadiens-181.0

7-Boston Bruins-180.5

8-San Jose Sharks-172.6

9-Minnesota Wild-172.4

10-St. Louis Blues-169.1

11-Pittsburgh Penguins-161.3

12-Tampa Bay Lightning-157.4

13-Columbus Blue Jackets-157.1

14-New York Rangers-155.7

15-Anaheim Ducks-154.6

16-Chicago Blackhawks-154.4

17-Ottawa Senators-154.0

18-Colorado Avalanche-149.2

19-Florida Panthers-147.5

20-Nashville Predators-145.6

21-Dallas Stars-144.7

22-Phoenix Coyotes-144.6

23-Calgary Flames-138.4

24-Atlanta Thrashers-136.6

25-Carolina Hurricanes-128.0

26-Buffalo Sabres-122.7

27-Toronto Maple Leafs-115.0

28-New York Islanders-114.0

29-New Jersey Devils-107.1

30-Edmonton Oilers-92.9

As is likely, there are some teams that play at a level equal to their numbers, some below and some above. Examples include Detroit and Toronto, who at 4th and 27th respectively, are the same in standings in my power rankings as well as the current league standings, while several teams throughout are only one or two off. The Boston Bruins are the largest gainer in my system, jumping 11 spots from their 18th spot in the league standings to 7th in my power rankings, while Phoenix is the biggest fall being 12th in the standings while coming in at 22nd in the power rankings. A bit of a coincidence that those two teams opened the season against one another in Europe. And a team of note, the defending champion Chicago Blackhawks, currently 9th in the league, ranked 16th in my power rankings. The biggest reason for their seven spot fall is their winning percentage, only 50%.

Let me know what you all think of the system and I’ll update these power rankings a few times more during the year. Let’s say the All-Star break and after the trade deadline, usually two good checkpoints to evaluate the standings.