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Islanders Pull Chris Botta’s Media Credentials | November

It goes without saying that the Islanders have entered a downward spiral of late, losing their last eleven consecutive games, and demoting head coach Scott Gordon.

But now, in light of his less-than-flattering coverage of the team’s crash and burn, popular Islanders blogger, senior NHL writer for AOL FanHouse, and founder of Islanders Point Blank, Chris Botta, has had his media credentials pulled by the Isles’ front office.

The team confirmed that that AOL FanHouse and I.P.B. could continue to cover the team, as long as they sent someone other than Botta. This is a personal beef, not a professional one.

This controversy has stirred up the Professional Hockey Writers Association (an organization of which Botta is a member), and NHL officials may soon get involved.

It is important to note that the NYI Blog Box, Islanders Hockey Blog’s claim to fame, was created under Botta, when he worked for the team. So, if it were not for him, we at Islanders Hockey Blog would not have our media credentials.

I see this action as a clear warning shot, a warning shot to people like Katie Strang of Newsday, should she voice an opinion unflattering to the team. I see it as a warning shot to any of the members of the NYI Blog Box, including Islanders Hockey Blog, who could, just as easily, havetheir·credentials removed, in a heartbeat.

This action is a CLEAR manifestation of the frailty of our privilege of Blog Box membership, should our superiors find us to be irreverent and highly critical, as was Botta, before his plug was yanked.

This will surely not be the last you will hear about this controversy.

Stay with IHB for continuing coverage of the unfolding situation.