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Gordon to lead US at Worlds and making the case for Nystrom | March

Islanders Point Blank is reporting that Islanders head coach, Scott Gordon, is the lead candidate to coach Team USA at this years IIHF World Championships in Germany. The second year NHL head coach has already been an assistant at Last year's tournament as well as an assistant at this years winter Olympics in Vancouver.

 Changing gears Dominik from Lighthouse Hockey is the first online writer to make the case to sign Eric Nystrom:
"But it does make sense: The pending unrestricted free agent is a great "glue" guy, he does have the genes and demeanor that would make people feel warm and fuzzy about Islanders tickets, and he is home-grown. (Why, he even loves the facility! ... though obviously some players prefer not to work under the pressure and hangers-on of home.) What's more, the Islanders can probably afford to pay him more -- and would reap a better return -- than most teams, since most teams have to worry about the salary cap rather than the salary floor, and since most teams cannot count on an little attention boost thanks to the crew of locals who actually know Nystrom or revere his father."