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Down The Stretch | March

My seemingly perennial computer troubles kicked in again a couple months back, and with my computer back from its trip to Japan for technical repairs, I'm back in the ring for the 'ol blog! And with great timing too!

The Islanders have 6 games remaining, and after a somewhat impressive March, going 6-6-2, the Islanders (13th place, 72 pts.) are only 10 points behind the no. 8 Boston Bruins, and albeit unlikely, the Isles mathematically have a shot.

Now, how legitimate is that shot?

The remaining 6 games include the dreaded Philadelphia Flyers on home ice tomorrow night; against whom the Islanders have lost all five games to this season. In fact, in those five match-ups, the Isles averaged 1.4 goals per game, and averaged 3 goals allowed per game. Not impressive to say the least...

Next are the Senators in a 2pm Saturday matinee at the Coliseum; and in three games so far this season against them, the Islanders are 0-1-2. The odds don't look too good for that one either...

On Tuesday the Habs roll into town; and in three matchups against Montreal, the Isles went 0-2-1, and averaged ONE goal per game, while on average allowing almost FOUR... Ole! Ole!!

Then next Thursday, the Islanders visit Olympic Gold Medalist Sid the Kid and the Pens; and in 4 games against them we are 1-2-1...

On Saturday, the Isles cross the Hudson to play the Devils, although in five match-ups we have a losing record of 2-3 against New Jersey, our chances don't look as bleak in this one; I have seen some pretty well played games against the Devils...

And then finally, to round out the season, the Islanders come home to again, play Pittsburgh in a 5:00 afternoon meet.

This is probably one of the most nightmarish schedules an Islanders fan could ask for, especially when the team is trying to keep up in the race for 8th. And all we can hope for now is that the hockey gods have something up their sleeves, and the Islanders can overcome the odds and slip into the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs before the door slams shut and possibly be hockey's 2006 St Louis Cardinals, who slipped in at the last moment and won the World Series.

Speaking of Baseball, if things don't work out for our beloved Islanders...Opening Day is right around the corner!