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Meet the IHBers Series | June

Hey all, and happy off season, if there is such a thing.

As all of our readers know, this past NHL season was the first year that this Islanders Hockey Blog was on the Bloguin network. And throughout the season, blog operator Christian added a few contributors, including myself, to his roster of writers for the blog.

In getting ready for the second season here on the Bloguin network, we are the IHB have decided to give our readers a little inside information on those of us who contribute to the site. We hope that forging a personal connection with our readers will make you better understand our writings and better enjoy our pieces and the IHB as a whole.

Specifics are still being ironed out, but it is hoped that starting this Wednesday or next, and continuing every Wednesday there throughout, that one member of the IHB will post a little bio on himself for all to read. Eventually ever contributor will have posted his bio and we will have hopefully made you readers feel more comfortable with us and the blog.

We thank you for your support this past season, look forward to writing for you all again this upcoming season and hope that you enjoy getting to us across the coming weeks.