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Light weekend reading: IHB interview with Sports.ru | June

On a warm and sunny Saturday evening there is very little news to report on the Islanders front. That being said here is alittle light weekend reading, here is an interview i did with the Russian sports website Sports.ru. It's a very rough translation from google translator, but the general idea is still there. Here is the link to the original article in russian and a link to the translated page. So without further ado here is my interview;

 Islanders.  Afterword
 Will John Tavares of New York, Steven Stemkosom?  What about Rick DiPietro?  Waiting for a Long Island Kirill Petrov?  On the questions of "Epicenter" said author Islandershockeyblog Christian Ern.
 - Last summer the composition of the Islanders has been strengthened a number of interesting hockey.  Admit it, deep down inside you were hoping that the "natives" could be the opening of the season? 

 - No one expected that the Islanders will be competing for a place in the playoffs, so that in the middle of the season, the team kept in the cup eight, is a pleasant surprise.  However, everything fell into place after the break for the Olympics.  Islanders fell closer to the bottom of the standings table, again received a high choice in the NHL Draft.  It's not so bad, and compared to last season the team played much better. 

 - Many likened John Tavares with Sidney Crosby, waiting from beginner Islanders same sverhrezultativnoy game.  Crosby, recall, received more than 100 points in the first season, but Tavarez hardly crossed the 50 mark. 

 - I think that the comparison with John Crosby and Gretzky were not quite correct.  I think that for a beginner Tavares played decently - he scored 20 odd goals, scored over 50 points.  It's great to show yourself at the world championship, threw seven washers, and many fans are hoping that next year, John will repeat the path Stemkosa.  He is also not too impressive debut season has brightly played at the World Championships, and then chop 50 goals.  Maybe fifty washers Tavarez and not abandoned, but thirty of it should put to ease.
 One of the downsides of John, which he must necessarily correct, it is skating.  However, knew about it before the draft, and, given the ambitions of Tavares, have no doubt that in the off-season he would devote much attention to this aspect.  Another disadvantage - weak implementation of moments.  He should score more and more stable.  In the middle of the season, Tavares was goalless series of 12 matches, during which he obstuchal all the bars and missed a lot of opportunities.  Above this he will also have to work on.


 - "Tampa Bay" performed slightly better than the Islanders, but at the end of the season, its owner and dismissed genmenedzhera, and head coach .  Can Garth Snow and Scott Gordon feel safe? 

 - At 100 per cent sure that neither Snowe nor Gordon anywhere not disappear.  Club Owner Charles Wang does not intend to depart from the scheduled plan, he, like the fans, trust head coach.  Scott Gordon - a young specialist, who quickly gains experience.  He ran in the NHL just two years, but had managed to get Ron Wilson's assistant at the Olympics and the head coach of Team USA at the World Championships .  In my opinion, it deserves respect, let the Americans and the failure of Germany.  Hart Snow also did not worry.

 - Before dedlaynom Garth Snow could not part with a number of experienced players, but, say, Biron from the team did not go.  Surely it can not be beneficial exchange, because in July, he will still leave the club? 

 - I do not understand why Snow was so passive in front dedlaynom.  During the same Sutton could get more decent compensation, and not simply Draft peak of "Ottawa" .  As for the other players, then it is rumored that Roloson could be traded in Chicago, who was looking for goalie before the playoffs, but the Islanders have decided not to let him or Biron for Rick DiPietro.  Nobody knew where he was again injured. 

 - If the Toronto collecting costly defense, the Islanders in the Tabor goalkeepers.  You do not find a little strange that a team that spent on the goalies more than 8 million dollars, was the third from the end of the number of missing spacers in the season? 

 - Problems Rick DiPietro health had become tired all the fans of the Islanders.  This is understandable, it is not just about money or some kind of antipathy towards the goalkeeper.  He was waiting, all hoping for the return of DiPietro.  But nobody can say how he will feel tomorrow.  Rick can do shataut, and then disappear for several weeks due to injury.  The club have to solve this problem by putting in front of the goalkeeper ultimatum.  Or he heals all sores, gaining form and becomes the first number "islanders", or his contract will be bought.  Although, honestly, in this hard to believe. On the other hand, great that the disposal of Gordon had two first-class goalkeeper Roloson and Byron, as the year before the gates Islanders protected backups MacDonald and Danny.  Any good if it has not resulted.  Most likely, the summer Snow again have to look goalkeeper - understudy Roloson.

 - In winter, the Islanders were interested in Ilya Kovalchuk , but in the end, he was in "Devils".  According to you, Garth Snow did not give up the idea with the acquisition of Russians?
- He, like genmenedzhery remaining 29 clubs in the NHL, would like to see in their Kovalchuk.  But if you look at things realistically, that Ilya did not agree to a transition to the Islanders.  Either he will sign a contract with the club, who will claim victory in the Stanley Cup next year, or return to Russia, where he was offered big money.

 - In the "natives" listed many Russian prospects.  For example, a defender Anton Klement'ev and forward Kirill Petrov .  How you debut Klementjeva in the NHL, and what awaits him next season?
- He spent a couple of matches at the end of the championship, replacing injured defenders.  Not to say that Anton shone in those games, but the weather did not spoil.  However, I see no place for him in the first team for next season - perhaps Klementjeva will be called from AHL from time to time.  I do not see, due to what he can gain a foothold at the base, and do not be surprised if Anton will be playing for the farm club and a year later.  Klement'ev has dramatically added to coaches drew attention to it. 

 - Petrov?  In the team now, so many young people - Tavares, Okposo, Bailey, Moulson, and whether she needed another striker novice?
- Islanders are generally not from anyone to refuse, especially when it comes to the young forward.  I must say that he looked forward to the club, everyone is interested to look at how Cyril manifest itself in a summer camp for beginners.  I heard a lot about Petrov, but the truth, almost did not see it in action.  In any case, now "the natives" have no right to dissipate avenues.  For many years the club was trying to achieve success through exchanges.  During this time, the Islanders lost a lot of Draft-peaks.  Okposo, Bailey, and Moulson will continue to progress, and I expect that next season they will be even brighter.  Kyle afford to score 25 goals, Bailey - capable striker who can play on the flank and in the center.  Tavares, Moulson ....  They have the experience, were older and wiser, and around them you can build a good team.

- Rumor has it that in the NHL Draft Islanders pick defender Brendan Gormley.  Is this true?

 - Most likely, it will Gormley.  He's going to come to New York this week to meet with the leadership of the club, talk to Gordon and Snow.  We can not discard the option of Kemom Fowler, if he will be available.  Also at the NBA Draft a lot of bright forwards, and I would not be surprised if, in the end, the Islanders pick Brett Connolly or Vladimir Tarasenko.  This is a win-win options, although the team did not have enough defenders. 

 - Who was the best player on the team in a season, and who - the main disappointment?

 - Dwayne Roloson .  Thanks to him, the Islanders kept until the last chance for the playoffs.  He was the best team, always bailed partners, so that his choice is clear.
 A disappointment I would call Brendan Witt .  I was not expecting anything special from him, and when in the second half of the season, he had disappeared, I even thought that he was exchanged and put on Draft failures.  It is possible that Witt - the main disappointment is not only the Islanders, but the entire league. 

 - Ballast in the form of a contract of Alexei Yashin is still pressing on the team.  Something can be done about this, or the Islanders just have to wait and wait and wait again?

 - Nothing else to do.  We'll have to pay Yashin a few years, correcting the mistakes of former leaders.  Unfortunately, in addition to Yashin, there is also DiPietro, who is also a long-term contract.

 - In the end, perhaps the main question - what will the team's next?  She has money, young players, promising coach and so on.  What should be done Garth Snow to return the "natives" in the elite league, or at least bring them to the playoffs in the spring of 2011-th?
- In the off-season, the Islanders need to find a good goalkeeper and defender homebody.  Snow, of course, try to invite Kovalchuk, but hardly his efforts to lead to something, and the team a lot of promising forwards.  The main objective - to strengthen the defense.  The Islanders' is not enough experienced and reliable player in this line.  Roloson will remain in New York for another season, but he was already 40 years old, and, given the fact that Biron will leave the team next summer, the Islanders' risk of losing their goalkeepers.  For it is well worth attention.