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Free Agency Plus Who The Islanders Will Be Looking For | June

Since the free agency market opens tomorrow, I thought I would give you my idea of what kind of players the Isles will be targeting. Some players who may be a good fit for the Isles are guys like Lee Stempniak, Chris Higgens, Alex Frolov and Colby Armstrong. I'm not saying those are the guys the Isles will go after, but that's a good idea of what kind of forwards their looking for.

The Isles need defense as well to help guys like Streit out on the blue line. Remember Andy Sutton? He's a free agent as well and he would be a good fit for the Islanders' blue line next season, again. I can see Garth going after him again. But theirs also guys like Paul Martin that would fit well with the Islanders roster.

Now for the goaltending situation. Expect Martin Biron to be gone. DiPietro has been battling injuries for the past couple seasons. He will most likely be back next season. But of course Garth needs to find a solid backup goaltender in case DP gets injured again. Which is most likely the case. Snow may keep Biron and Rolie or he may just keep one. Rolie is signed into a 2 year contract with the Isles so I don't think he will be going anywhere. But Garth could have a trade up his sleeve.

Its very likely that you wont see Sim or Park back next season.They haven't shown much on the 4th line this season.

According to Islanderspointblank, the Isles have about 6-8 million dollars to spend on contracts. So they will most likely spend it wisely. 

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