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Moulson agrees to one year deal | July

30 goal scorer, Matt Moulson, agreed to a one year deal worth $2.45 million with the Islanders just moments prior to his arbitration hearing that was set for 9:00 am this morning. Moulson told Newsday beat writer, Katie Strang, that "he was feeling tense while waiting in the hallway as both sides plugged away and was relieved when an agreement was reached."

 Islanders management must have been just as relieved to avoid any further embarrassment this offseason after the heat they have taken over the Billy Jaffe, Bryan Trottier, and Ryan Jankowski situations. 

Reports from @HockeyVine suggested the Islanders offered Moulson a 3 year deal but they settled on a one year deal.  The one year deal makes the most sense because it gives the Islanders another year to evaluate Moulson and if he performs up to par they can then sign him to a long term extension.