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Isles Add Toughness To Their Fourth Line;Karyia Rumor | July

With the singings of Zenon Konopka and Jermey Yablonski, Trevor Gillies has some celebrity news tough guys to back him up. Konopka played with Tampa Bay last season and Yablonski is a good friend of both. He is a former MMA fighter and from my perspective, is a great enforcer along with Gillies and Konopka. Check out the video the Isles' website put together at http://islanders.nhl.com/

***I am hearing that Snow has shown interest in Paul Karyia. Now this is just a RUMOR. It doesn't mean the Islanders are going to sign him tomorrow. But Karyia's probable team is the Penguins.*** Source: HockeyJunkYard

The bottom line is, the Islanders need scoring...We'll see what happens going into August as Snow may make a move or two.