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Isles Add Toughness To Their Fourth Line;Karyia Rumor | July

With the singings of Zenon Konopka and Jermey Yablonski, Trevor Gillies has some tough guys to back him up. Konopka played with Tampa Bay last season and Yablonski is a good friend of both. He is a former MMA fighter and from my perspective, is a great enforcer along with Gillies and Konopka. Check out the video the Isles' website put together at http://islanders.nhl.com/

***I am hearing that Snow has shown interest in Paul Karyia. Now this is just a RUMOR. It doesn't mean the Islanders are going to sign him tomorrow. But Karyia's probable team is the Penguins.*** Source: HockeyJunkYard

The bottom line is, the Islanders need scoring...We'll see what happens going into August as Snow may make a move or two.