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Billy and Howie better watch their words | January

Tuesday night's Isles/Pens game has left many with a sense of anger and disgust, but not with Andy Sutton. Much of the uproar has been with the comments made by the Islanders broadcast team after the hit. Billy Jaffe and Howie Rose allegedly are said to have blamed the victim, Pascal Dupuis, for leaving himself extremely vulnerable and that's what caused the outcome. Many Penguins fans have not taken to kindly to that and hell who couldn't blame them. When a player on your team goes down fans take it to heart and will not take kindly to any negative words said.

While fans may be cooling down they still feel a tad disrespected. Pensblog summed up their frustration with this simple insult, "well if we had to watch the Isles all season, we'd be jaded too."

So to Billy and Howie I say this, next time choose your words more carfully to make sure not to insinuate purposly or accidentally that the victim is some how at fault.