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passing the time during the Olympics | February

Wow it's felt like years since I last wrote on this site. This is just a quick post of some interesting articles and videos to kill some time during the Olympics. (Side Note: will have more pieces up in the coming days about the Olympics, but check out Olympic Hockey Blog for the best coverage and most in depth coverage of Olympic hockey.)

-Newsday writer, Mark Herrmann, has an interesting piece about the man behind this Saturday's Mirabito Outdoor Classic in upstate New York. Did you know the Syracuse Crunch owner is a Ranger fan? (Newsday)

-Ever wonder how Canadians fight wrinkles? Barry Melrose reveals the secret.

-Islanders Point Blank reports that prospect Corey Trivino is out with a broken leg.(Islanders Point Blank)

-In case you have not, Check out Olympic Hockey Blog for the most in depth coverage of all things Olympic Hockey.

-Another look into the on and off life of John Tavares, this time on HNIC feature, Inside Hockey.

-Fans have their criticisms of Bruno Gervais, but he sure does know how to go above and beyond when it comes to treating fans.(NYI)

-Scott Gordon talks withKatie Strang of Newsday about his first day on the job as assistant coach of Team USA.(Newsday)

-The Boys at The Rivalry have created an interesting and well thought out list of the top 20 post lock out moments for both the Islanders and Rangers.(The Rivalry)

-Last but not least, Make sure your subscribed to Nike Training and Steve Dangle on You Tube and Twitter for some hilarious and insightful videos and tweets from long time leafs fan and the future face of hockey coverage in Canada, Steve Dangle. Steve Dangle covered the world Juniors for Nike Training and is now covering the Olympics. Here is his latest video,