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Matt and Marty get their groove on | February


There were two pleasant surprises from last nights game, Seeing Martin Biron back in net and win and the outstanding effort by rookie Matt Martin, who recorded his first career NHL points in last nights win. "early on I had some butterflies," confessed Martin. " As soon as you get in the rhythm of the game it's just the same game, just a little quicker."

Martin got 14:41 worth of playing time last night , saw power play time and was "elevated" to the first unit by coach Scott Gordon. His biggest asset last night was his ability to make plays, including his feed to Mark Striet to tie the game at three, and his ability to get in front of the net. That was actually the first thing Scott Gordon noticed when he went to see Bridgeport play two weeks ago. "Here he is with two assists and getting the opportunity in his first NHL game to be the power play it says allot," Gordon commented after the game. "There's to much value to have that net presence for any player."

For Biron his start tonight may have been his last in an Islanders uniform. He spent the weekend fine tuning his skills down in Bridgeport for a conditional stint with minor league club. "The last week in Bridgeport was exactly what I needed," Biron revealed after the game. "I went there I had two full days of practice in one net and you take all the shots and you get yourself ready." That's something Biron has not had in awhile, Marty has been viewing games mostly from the press box since the return of Rick Dipietro and has been sharing a net with Dipietro and Roloson during practice. The trip to the AHL was something Biron felt was good for him to get back in game shape. "The American league is not that far off from the NHL," Biron said when asked about his stint in Bridgeport. "The speed of the game is almost there."

For both, Tuesday night's win was something that has boosted their confidence as well as the teams. "Its huge for him, he hasn't played an NHL game in a while," Martin said while talking about Biron. "He came in tonight and played pretty good game. I'm sure it's good for his confidence to get a win in here tonight." As for his own confidence he is not lacking any. "I felt really confident in my game and felt I could be an NHLer and play at this level.