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Let the Battle begin | February

Last night's 3-1 loss to the hurricanes, their seventh straight loss, was over shadowed by the re ignition of the Lighthouse Drama. Owner Charles Wang gave a brief state of the Islanders/Lighthouse address to Howie Rose during the first intermission. Wang, who still hopes it can get done in Nassau, told the MSG plus broadcaster, "We haven't heard. I have an application into the town. Tell me yes or tell me no. If it's no, tell me what you want. It's very simple."

Unfortunately in the mist of an exciting season we are now forced to welcome back the Lighthouse saga. Town Spokesman, Mike Deery fired back in an article in Newsday saying, "For the Lighthouse folks or Mr. Wang to say he hasn't heard from us is right because we're waiting for answers from him." He went on to say, "the ball's in his court. They have an outstanding balance with the consultant, and there are unanswered questions that the Lighthouse group is aware of."

Yes I think we are all aware about the billing dispute between the town's consultant, FP Clark, and the Lighthouse Group. However what we did not know was that the new County Executive has reached out to Charles Wang. According to Islanders Point Blank Charles Wang received word from Ed Mangano, but has not returned his call. A report that contradicts what Wang said in his interview during last night's game.

The cats out the bag now, the war is back on, and Islanders fans and Lighthouse supporters should hunker down for what is expected to be one of the more vicious parts of this long battle. Expect to see more back in fourth in the press from the Town and the Lighthouse. Even though the LDG has put in place a policy of media black out, they will eventually be forced to respond to a comment by the Town of Hempstead.

So here we stand, the same place we were in October. While many criticized the media black out, I applaud it. Since October we have managed to take the emphasis off the Lighthouse and onto Hockey, the way it's suppose to be. So of course when the Islanders are playing their worst hockey of the season this Lighthouse nonsense has come back, doesn't it just figure. There is a saying that goes; theres one side of a story and there is the other side and then there is the truth. We'll we've heard both sides, now we need just need the truth.


This comment comes from Islanders Point Blank made by estonhockey: In some ways I hope Wang never gets his MINI City. If he does, he will be the Islanders owner for another 15 years. My goodness can you imagine. Ive never seen a sports owner who embraces losing like Charles Wang. Wang thinks being in last place is doing “great..everyting is on schedule”. Maybe it has to do with growing up in China, maybe in China sports is not very big, or they place a different emphasis on WINNING. But to me, Wang is happy as Isles owner cause he has players who he thinks are his friends….not to sound “mean” but the guy is simply not your typical American sports fan who gets upset at losing.