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Is the NHL the real "No Fun League"? | December

Well the NFL might get the moniker as the “No Fun League,” but perhaps it’s the NHL that is the real no fun league.

Last Friday Youtube sensation and Oiler rookie, Linus Ormark mad his NHL debut at Rexal place against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Omark then made a top ten worthy shoot out goal to win the game for his team. The goal (seen below) stunned the 16,000 plus and brought them to their feet.

However other players were less than impressed with Ormark’s shootout move. "He's a young kid. Whatever he did, it worked," Martin St.Louis said after the game. "Do we need that? I don't know. It's kind of a slap in the face a little bit, you know? Maybe it's a little too much, I don't know. To get beaten in the shootout and to get beaten with something like that, it's tough to take, but he did it and it worked."

Penguins star, Sidney Crosby was asked about the move as well. “Takes a lot of confidence to do something like that,” Crosby told reporters when asked about it, he too did not look pleased. “Most guys’ first shootout attempt in the NHL (are) just worried about getting a shot on net, other than doing that.”

“It’s not my style to be honest with you,” Mathieu Darche told TSN. “I wouldn’t do that. I don’t think that should be done.”

But should you be surprised that the NHL traditionalists are coming down on Ormark. Remember personality and fun is a sin to those guys, especially if you’re a rookie. Remember Canadians rookie, PK Suban, who was benched for not conforming, being an interesting player on and off the ice, and refused to kiss the rear of the more famous players on the ice.

Yes, Vancouver Sun columnist Cam Cole wrote a great piece about Suban, but I have to speak my piece. It’s unfortunate that the moronic traditionalists in the media and in the locker rooms can’t appreciate what these kids have done and been doing. The old notion that players need to earn their right to chirp at players more famous than them, that creativity is somehow discouraged and somehow labeled as showboating is beyond ancient.  That being a “quotable, fun loving” player is a bad thing has hurt the sport more than helped it.

The fact that guys like Chris Pronger can chirp and act like an immature dirt bag, but a guy like PK Suban, who is quotable in the post game or stands up for himself on the ice, is then scrutinized by the likes of Don Cherry, Mike Richards and other NHL vets is a sad thing.

Then Linus Omark puts on a spectacular show in the shootout and then is called a show boater and scrutinized in the media and by his fellow players.

It’s a sad day when you can’t be yourself in the NHL. That players who have fun or show any sorts of character are casted high above to the press box as punishment or debated on TSN. So the NFL is the “No Fun League,” maybe fans need to rethink who the real no fun league is. Maybe it’s the NHL that is “No Fun”