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Stempniak/Isles potential deal was false but Stempniak could consider the Island; Will Garth Snow get his forward? | August

Katie Strang has informed me that the 3 year worth 9.5M deal that the Isles apparently offered Lee Stempniak is false. My sources who seemed to have credibility, basically B.S'ed and played me. It's ridiculous how one minute you can trust your sources and the next, they're just making it up just for hits and credibility. My apologies for this, and next time, I will certainly be aware.

I did email a few sources, including the one first to report this deal. His response stated that there was unofficial discussions. Okay so if it's unofficial, then, why would you post on your blog that the Isles offered a deal to Stempniak without including that it wasn't official? I'm not trying to criticize anyone here, but come on now. They also state that they claim to know agents that are close to other agents and NHL players, which I'm not going to doubt. They guy seemed very nice and legit in the email, but obviously he made a mistake in his story.

Next, I contacted Todd Cordell. He tells me that if the Isles offered anything, the numbers would be lower. I think that he was the one person that wasn't making stuff up, and was serious. So, I'll put him on my list for top 5 sources.

When first reported by HockeyFuzz.ca, I asked another source about it and he stated there was talk but nothing was official.Then, a bunch of other sources, including HockeyLiveWire said that they really did offer something. So things were basically flip flopping around. Now even though it took some time for the wild rumor to be declared false,this doesn't mean the Isles won't actually offer something to Stempniak, as they did offer deals to some of the already signed free agents.

Now for Snow and him landing a top 6 forward, I quote Chris Botta of IslandersPointBlank, "The Islanders need a top six forward. The regular season is still two months away, and Snow continues to prove what he's capable of. The General Manager shouldn't stop now."

And I 100 percent agree with Chris, they certainly need a top 6 forward, like I've been saying for the past month on Twitter. He's right, Snow shouldn't stop now, and hopefully won't. The Isles GM says he wants the Isles to compete for the playoffs this upcoming season, so he definitely should add one more piece to the puzzle, and that is, scoring.

So stay tuned, as I heard that the Stempniak talk could heat up sometime this week, and maybe even a decision. Also, things could heat up with Kovalchuk, and wouldn't it be nice for the Isles to get back in bid for him? Maybe. I believe it was Chris Botta who asked Garth Snow about Kovalchuk, after the Orange and Blue Scrimmage, and his response was "Maybe".