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If Not Now, When? : A Proposition to Garth Snow | August
“An ostrich with its head in the sand” wouldn’t be too far a metaphorical euphemism from what Garth Snow has been acting like, of late.
Balking at a deal with Kovalchuk, failing to land Paul Martin, failing to present a deal to Stempniak, having yet to offer anything to Antti Niemi...
And we’re supposed to pat him on the back for landing this guy.
The Islanders need to get serious, now. They need to make an offer to Niemi, and make the right moves to land Stempniak, or else, we’re looking at another grim season on Long Island.
We have the money, but the problem is, so do many other teams–Namely, the Coyotes, who have offered Stempniak a low paying deal (ostensibly so the 28 goal scorer will lower his asking price).
On the Niemi front, there is no word whether talks are going on or not between the Islanders’ management and the goalie. Many teams have expressed in Antti’s services, including the Sharks, Capitals, and Oilers.
It’s time to act. Mr. General Manager, here is my apostrophic proposition to you:
Us Islanders fans have remained loyal throughout the last 28 seasons, and no exception to the past few that you have served as our GM. It has not been a glorious 28 seasons–over those years, we have two division championships to show for. In fact, we have not won a playoff series since the 1993 Patrick Division Finals. You promised us a new team, you promised us success. You know just as well as I do that Jon Sim and Dustin Kohn are not “stanley cup caliber”. There’s quite a lot leaning on these next few seasons. They will determine whether we remain at the bottom of the NHL, whether Charles Wang decides that losing millions per year on a dead-end franchise is “worth it”. Your job, Mr. Snow, leans on it. The future of the Lighthouse leans on it, the future of the Islanders leans on it. If you do not make this team substantially better by dipping into the plethora of free agents currently available, 2015 will be here in a flash, and in a flash, the Islanders will be no more.
Get out there, make the calls, and land the players. Because if we do not act now, then when? More importantly, get your head out of the sand.