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Changes to IHB for 2010-2011 season | August

It's been a long very uneventful summer, hockey wise but with training camp I'm taking the opportunity to let the readers know you (aka you guys) about the changes going on for this upcoming season.  First however I'd like to thank my other writers Nick M, Dave G, and new guy Steve Erickson for stepping up and writing some great and informative pieces. With season vastly approaching and school starting up again as well I will be from my unexpected hiatus.

Now time to talk about the changes first I'd like to welcome Steve Erickson to the Islanders Hockey Blog staff. Steve is a long time Islanders fan and spent last season helping run stats and other duties with the Islander media Relations department at the coliseum press box. He will be giving his insight on all things Islanders and NHL related and once again say welcome aboard Steve.

The second and biggest change for the site this upcoming season will be our inclusion into the New York Islanders Blog Box program. After a try out and interview process Islanders Hockey Blog has been selected as the newest member of the NYI Blog box which enters its' fourth year this season. What does this mean for the site? More access to the team, even higher quality of articles and even more insight about the Islanders.

So get set Isles fans this should be a fun year.