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And In The End... Perennial Failure Becoming The Norm on L.I. | April

Today the

Islanders crash landed the 2009-2010 season with a 6-5 OT loss to Pittsburgh

finishing below the 8th spot...again....nuff said.

So this is the The season of rebirth, and reconstruction?

  Somehow, deep down, we all saw the grim horizon...It's something we've began to accept as Islanders fans....Perennial Failure.

In the Islanders 3rd season since a playoff appearance, and the 27th since we last hoisted the cup, we had the young scoring talent in place (yet still we mustered a mediocre 2.61 G/G and a gag-worthy 16% PP).

We had a one-two punch of goaltending with Rolie and Marty, and the occasional appearance of the ever-dissapointing first overall Rick DiPietro (yet we still gave up a near-worst 3.15 goals per game) In case you haven't barfed yet, we also averaged a second-to-worst PK, and in the lower echelon of just about every other fathomable stat.

The one thing we are good at is losing! Oh Boy were the Islanders good at losing in 09-10! We were the fourth losingest team in all of Hockey!!!

And as I look side-by-side we really didn't climb much on the statistical ladder from last year, finishing 26th out of 30 NHL teams, as opposed to last year's 29th.

 To continue my rant, John Tavares, what an overblown joke that turned out to be! "The next Phenom"???? Sid Crosby scored 39 goals in his rookie season, Alex Ovechkin scored 59, while Johnny Tavares here coughed up 24.

Being from New York, we've been conditioned to over-hyped players who turn out mediocre like this...Mark Sanchez, Joba Chamberlain, Carlos Beltran (2005), (INSERT NAME HERE).

So I made myself a pact early on this season, I agreed that i would not buy a John Tavares jersey until the night of his 30th goal...well guess what, there's no #91 in my closet, in fact Butch Goring's #91 has a better shot of being on my back tomorrow. If you told me on Oct 3rd that we would have been better off points wise with Duchene, i would laugh at you. But now, truth be told, we would have.

If you told me on Oct 3rd that as of April 10th there has been absolutely no word on the Lighthouse Project from Chairman Wang what-so-ever since Oct 3rd, I'd say you're crazy. Well, there hasn't, maybe the team's been sold to Kansas City? Who knows? This franchise's front office is so opaque, we can expect just about anything for the future of the Islanders.

But who could blame Kim Wang Il? He's losing millions of dollars on this losing team every year!! Why continue the trend?!?!

On the bright side, we can put the past behind and steer towards the future, the draft lottery is on April 13th, and the Isles are destined for a top 10, maybe top 5 pick. Then the Draft in June, and free agency shortly after, we can't be too upset, apparently the process of rebuilding for a championship team takes a while.... in our case, 28 YEARS AND COUNTING. The other side to my Tavares rant is to look at Carlos Beltran in 2005, he came to New York to all the fame and spotlight, and was terrible, the next season however, we witnessed an explosion of blooming talent. We can hope for Tavares to show that in 2010-2011.

To sum it all up, if you told me on Oct 3rd that the Islanders would crumble once again and miss out on the Postseason Dance,

i'd look at you straight in the face and say "well, i'm not surprised, that's the norm' now...isn't it?"

This season meant a lot to me though, this was my first year on the force for IHB, and that wouldn't of happened without the help of my editor, and friend, Christian A. for being able to join the ranks of this blog, I have the deepest gratitude. And I know that it's only greener pastures ahead for our young Islanders Hockey Blog.

Stay posted for our continuing coverage of all things Islanders, starting with the draft lottery on Wednesday, that's the baby steps of another year of rebuilding.

 Happy Offseason Everyone.