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Habs @ Isles Pregame: Another Must Win for NYI | April
Here we go again!
Another do-or-die game for the last minute-playoff pushing Islanders!
Our next opponent, if you couldn't tell by the title, or the snazzy logos i inserted above^^ is the Montreal Canadiens–by the way, im starting to really love that new royal blue alt. logo and i cant wait for next season's jersey changes–against whom we have a record of 0-2-1, and as I also mentioned in a previous piece, the isles have managed to score an average of one goal per game, whilst allowing, on average, four!
However, tonight the islanders wont be out-sized by Montreal, they're generally not a big team, for the exception of Hal Gill (6'7") and Ryan O'Byrne (6'5"), the entire Canadiens team is under 6'4", meaning that if the islanders can get organized early, it would make it easy to establish a strong forecheck–something the islanders have trouble doing–
All in all, tonight will be VERY interesting, and it will also be interesting to see the Montreal fan turnout, the Canadiens have a great road game turnout, everywhere they go.
Can the Isles make three against-the-odds wins in a row? We'll find out, 7pm on MSG+