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The Hit Heard Round the World | September

When Phaneuf ran over Kyle Okposo ever Islanders fan collectively stoped breathing, had their heart skip a beat, and wanted to run on the ice and blindside Dion Phaneuf. The legality of the hit is a mute point for the time being. As kyle Okposo Lay there motionless his teammates backed him up as everyone jumped up and wanted a piece of Phaneuf, which Morency got after he jumped the boards. Even Martin Biron ran out of his net to try and get a piece of Dion. And after things calmed down his teammates, opponents, arena crowd and stunned home audience watched in disbelief as Kyle lay their motionless. I could not have imagined that happening to one of our guys in the pre-season and it felt as if a personal friend had been attacked and I couldn't due anything to help and you could see even his own teammates felt helpless.

After leaving on a stretcher, news started to come in as Bob Nystrom told Canadian radio that Okposo called his father to tell him he was alright. Following the game Katie Strang tweeted that Okposo was talking and moving his hands, another good sign. And recently the Isles announced that Okposo was diagnosed with a mild conconcussion and he has been cleared to travel with the team back to Saskatoon tonight. A cautious optimism can be enjoyed by fans since the severity of the Injury looked bleak.

Many fans tonight and for days to come will debate how clean Phaneuf's hit actually was, some will valiantly say it was a dirty hit as Phaneuf appeared to leave his feet and others will say it was a clean hit and is part of the game. All I can call was extremely unessesary for a pre-season game, but hey judge for yourself and post a comment on your thoughts of the Phaneuf hit on Okposo.