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Revisited: the "Great Goalie Debate" | October

Last night's 6-3 defeat to the Sabres now opens up the question once again, who should be the starting goaltender? When GM Garth Snow went out and signed two bonafide starting goaltenders many in Islanders Country believed that the situation in net was settled, that the Islanders could breath a little easier knowing that until Dipietro comes back they have solid goal tending.

For the most part that has been true, while the Islanders have lost they have managed to keep the games close (not counting last night's game) and both goalies have come up with clutch saves when they need to. That being said i have noticed an interesting trend, Roloson is guareenteed to give up 3 or more goals on nights he is starting in net.  He has 10 goals against, a 3.77 GAA, and a save percentage of .88. The most concerning trend of all is his horrible play during the Shoot out. In the 2 shootout losses Roloson let every shooter he faced score except one who's shot hit the post. For a bonafide starter Roloson has been less dazzle and more razzle during the shootout.

On the other side of the spectrum is Martin Biron, this years suprise signing by Snow.  Biron who has appeared in 3 games (the same number as Roloson) has better numbers than the ageing Roloson. In the 3 games he played in Biron only allowed an average of 2 goals in. Biron has 7 goals against, a 2.82 GAA, and a save percentage of .903. Biron though has his flaws, during the Islanders overtime loss to ottawa it was Biron who gave up the wristshot goal only several seconds into OT, but we cannot atest to his shootout skills since he has not seen one this season. 

Statistically it's Martin Biron who has played better than Roloson during the first 5 games this season, so i bring up one more question, should the Islanders Bring up someone from Bridgeport? Well if wee look at the three candidates quickly here is what we see, Lawson's GAA is 1.00, making 35 saves, giving up one goal in his 1 start. Munroe's GAA is 2.40, making 59 saves, and giving up 5 goals in 2 games started. Koskinen's GAA is 2.79, making 32 saves and giving up 3 goals in his 1 start. All three have respectable numbers, and could and maybe should be called up to Long Island. The most likely candidates would be Lawson or Munroe who both have played at least one game in the NHL. Lawson had a spectacular outing last season in Chicago in his first NHL game and getting his first win.

Tonight's start most likely will be by Martin Biron and this could be is chance to be in net for the Islanders first win. Roloson's disappointing outing last night is hard to gauge if it is a one time thing or could be a showing of what happens when he gets flustered. The goalie situation is something to watch and while we have 2 bonafide starters is it time to give one of out Bridgeport beauties a chance to start in the big leagues and risk sending someone down?