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Two days after a very volatile Season opener the Political drama that surrounds the team and owner Charles Wang's Lighthouse project continues as the fate of the team hangs in the balance (sort of). Owner Charles Wang, County Executive Tom Suozzi, Town Supervisor Kate Murray ruined a great home opener Saturday with their Lighthouse BullS**t and I for one will not let them ruin this hockey season.

The Lighthouse Project is Important to future no doubt, but the political game playing by all three parties involved has seeped onto the ice. The Team itself has done an outstanding job on focusing on what they can control, Hockey. They shrug it off as something they have no control of and stay focused on the game. CUDOS TO THEM!

Unfortunately as fans we do not have that same luxury, we are constantly reminded of the impending doom that could be our team leaving Long Island. Weather picking up Newsday (or more likely ready their website,come on who reads print newspapers anymore?), checking up on the blogs or heading over to any other hockey site, we are always reminded that our team could (and maybe should) leave. The New york Post's Steve Soldwedel even suggested the Isles have no support and " It's time they looked for it elsewhere." I guess the dozens of Isles blogs, the sold out home opener crowd and the 10,000 fans that showed up to the draft party still aren't enough to prove to some that the Islanders still have a strong and dedicated fan base. Now that the bidding has opened, and their are atleast 8 municipalities looking to attract the Islanders, including queens who was mentioned months ago and once again has their name pop up for possible relocation options. Jack Friedman, executive vice president of the Queens Chamber of Commerce is the first to try to woo Wang and his team across county lines. "Option number 1 should be Queens," Friedman told Newsday earlier today.

November 3 is the fans will start to see if the Lighthouse project might become reality. Why November 3? That's Election Day of course. Town of Hempstead supervisor Kate Murray will go head to head with pro-Lighthouse Democratic nominee, Kristen McElroy. Although being nominated in may, McElroy disappeared for several  months due to pregnancy and recently resurfaced campaigning at the Islanders home opener. Trying to garner support from Lighthouse supporters and Islanders fans frustrated with Kate Murray's "Game Playing."  McElroy was not pleased by supervisor Murray's actions throughout the Lighthouse proceedings and during their meeting with Newsday's editorial board, “The Supervisor acted like a disgusting politician,” McElroy told Islanders Point Blank's Chris Botta.  McElroy like many feels the supervisor is stalling the project, even though “Every agency that has approved their piece of the project." Re-entering the equation now, after so much time does give Murray the risk, but McElroy could pull of an upset if she can garner enough support from the frustrated union workers, Islanders fans, and Lighthouse supporters. When asked if she thought she had a chance McElroy responded,  “Absolutely. I have every intention of becoming the next Supervisor of the Town of Hempstead. And when I do, the political games around the Lighthouse will end and the project will be approved.”

For the next several weeks, fans will have to endure more articles about possible relocation or sale of this storied franchise, but now is not the time to lose faith. We have endured so much heart ache and would be so easy to just let go, but we can not do that. We must show resolve and support our team to the very end. While our STUPIDpoliticians and Lighthouse developers fight and play the blame game like a bunch of spoiled 2 year olds, we must tune it out. We must not let the off ice issues effect how we look at our ever improving team of great young players. Now is the time to prove everyone wrong, it's time to go the games, buy the merchandise and scream, chant and cheer like never before. Now is the time to prove the Toronto media wrong and show why we can be a great team again and that John Tavares made the right choice in coming here. Now is the time to prove to people like the Post's Steve Soldwedel wrong and show that through thick and thin Islanders fans stick with their team, come to the games and scream and chant as if it were game seven of the Stanley cup finals, EVERY NIGHT! Im sick of hearing that the Islanders have no fans, and should just leave, because we have fans. In times of hardship and tragedy people band together to persevere and over come, this current state of unknowingness is our tragedy and now more than ever we must band together as fans to preserver and keep our team where they belong. Long Island is a hockey town and IT'S TIME WE STAND UP AND SHOW THE REST OF THE NHL THAT THESE ISLANDERS ARE WORTH SAVING! This team will flourish again, and we need to show that we don't deserve to go down without a fight. I ask anyone who reads this to re-tweet it, Facebook it, mention it on another blog, tell your friends, tell your family now is not the time to abandon this team, NOW IS THE TIME TO PROUDLY AND LOUDLY DISPLAY YOUR ISLANDERS PRIDE. Do not let the Political jaw boning get you down. This team is going places, just make sure your there to enjoy the ride.