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Meeting of opposing minds | October

The October 3rd deadline has come and still no yes or no for Charles Wang's Lighthouse project, but this is to be expected seeing that many bloggers and reports both predicted that this deadline would not be met. So undoubtedly Charles Wang will begin to listen o any and all offers, ANY AND ALL offers.

So what was the town's response? "we don't give them deadlines to win Stanley Cups." The town pretty much ignored the threat, but last night Newsday reported that Kate Murray called Charles Wang to meet with him so they could discuss the Lighthouse. Although no official date was set Wang will get back to her Monday or Tuesday to schedule a day to sit and talk. Murray was "delighted" Wang agreed, but she is still saying there are unanswered questions concerning water, traffic, and the number of buildings they plan on.

"We had a frank conversation and talked about the project," Murray told Newsday's Eden Laikin. "I'm looking to promote development, I'm not looking to close the door on anything. I asked about the possibility of amending the project and exploring options."

This is not a complete change of heart, but it shows supervisor Murray is starting to wake and smell the coffee. She is at least trying to come in and work together with the developers so that this project can be built (although she should have started trying to work with them months and months ago).

Some may see this as a politicle ploy to make it seem like she is trying to get this done, I genuinely believe she wants development and wants to get some variation of the Lighthouse done. The fact that they are going to sit down behind closed doors and talk about the concerns on the part of the town is a great thing. The hearings were a circus and really nothing was accomplished at them, except for creating a media firestorm of angry quotes and Long Islanders yelling and screaming at each other.Kate Murray and Charles Wang will sit in a room and he can explain to her everything and they can talk and negotiate things out.

Many have wrote that development projects are never built the exact way the model looks and I'm sure the same goes for the Lighthouse. Although today's deadline wasn' met (nor was expected to be met by many) this new development in the drama that is the Lighthouse Project does bod well, in my opinion at least. I believe that in the end some variation of this will get done, their will be some more anger, frustraed quotes and blog posts that will condemn supervisor Murray and the town of Hempstead. In the end this will get done and the Islanders will remain here. If I'm wrong it wouldn't be the first time, but this latest news gets another step closer to meeting at the Lighthouse.