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Lights out for the Lighthouse? LI Press Story Wrong, Wang has not ditched project | October

Updated 3:05 PM October 15- Charles Wang put the rumors to rest this morning telling Newsday's Eden Lankin that the Project has not been abandoned. He also released this statement:

“Yesterday’s report on the Lighthouse project which appeared in the Long Island Press is untrue. There are no plans to abandon this project which is so vital to the future of Nassau County and Long Island as a whole.

As far as the status of the Lighthouse project, we have submitted to The Town of Hempstead and Supervisor Kate Murray all the studies and required documents. A lease has been negotiated. Supervisor Murray and the Town Board need to make a decision on the zoning.
Long Island stands in this defining moment waiting for an answer. Yes or no.
Moving forward, we will not discuss any meetings in the media. Any reports of meetings should be considered untrue.
My heart is still on Long Island. I love Long Island. This is where the Islanders belong. Let's play hockey."
I guess we can put this nightmare past us.

Updated 11:45- Lost in all the ranting and raving was a piece on the Spin Cycle found by Michael Schuerlein aka Islesblogger. The Newsday Piece while re-stating the facts of the LI Press piece, comes up with a source of their own "close" to the Developer who says the project has not been abandoned. Note this article was posted at 10:13 pm

Update 10:44 PM - After Emailing the Long Island Press they finally responded. How do they explain beating out ever major newspaper on Long Island? "Right place at the right time, Christian," the Long Island Press responded. I also asked how high their source was, that i never got an answer to.

Updated 10:15 PM-B.D Gallof is reporting per his source that the Lighthouse Project is meeting right now. He also feels the Long Island Press story and source are not telling the whole story and is advising not to buy into the hype. For the full story Click Here. Also Chris Botta will be on 1050 ESPN Radio in a matter of minutes.  


Has the Lighthouse Project reached its end? according to the Long Island Press it has. The report, posted this afternoon says that "the ambitious Lighthouse Project has already been abandoned internally by New York Islanders team owner Charles Wang."

"The source has also indicated that reorganization has already begun within Wang’s company, reassigning some top-level executives who have been key members of the Lighthouse initiative to work on other unrelated projects." All of this coming from unidentified sources somehow involved in this projects. The LIP's source gave lack of financing as the reason, a shaky one at that. 

Islanders Point Blank's Chris Botta Tried contacting the Lighthouse Development Group, but his call have gone unanswered. Although it seems they  have spoke with no news media outlets. Same goes for Town of Hempstead officials and the people at RXR.

Some have already started to speculate on twitter about the sources authenticity and Sean Leahy of Puck Daddy speculates it could just be another move to get the Town to approve the project.

This odd turn of events comes the same day Newsday ran an article about the majority of Long Islanders who support the Lighthouse. The Poll showed 51% of LIers backed the project due the taxes it could raise along with the jobs it comes with. That was a major moral boost for Lighthouse supporters and the first Lighthouse article since the Islanders season opener/ Deadline of certainty. The LI press article now has many pondering "how real is this?" No one knows for sure right now, but we'll keep all our readers posted on any further developments.