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Pink Slip Game | November

Am I the only one that thinks the NHL should borrow a page from the WWE for one of their games tonight?  Why not have a Pink Slip Game when the puck drops between Toronto and Carolina this evening?

Now obviously this would never happen because people already look down on the NHL as it is, and this would just give them more reason to call it a circus.  But really, they used to have Pink Slip Matches in the WWE when I once watched many years ago (then WWF).  Pretty much, the loser was "fired," or in other words, given a soap opera justified legitimacy to be gone from shows for a few months while the wrestler actually takes vacation.

But look at these two teams:  Both have only three wins and both have only 11 points.  Technically Carolina is last in the league because they have one more game played than Toronto has, Carolina being 3-12-5 and Toronto 3-11-5.  And goal wise, Carolina has scored less than Toronto (44 to Toronto's 47) and they've given up more goals (allowing 75, Toronto giving up 71).

Clearly the worst two teams in the league at this moment, which neither one of them should be anywhere near this place in the standings, a Pink Slip Game would make great sense.  Plus when do we see a quarter of the season pass by with no coach getting fired?  What's keeping these coaches employed this year?

The NHL needs a way to get people's attention, this is it.  It isn't just the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Carolina Hurricanes, it's Ron Wilson's job vs. Paul Maurice's job.  And you can really make it great if, at the game's conclusion, the GM of the losing team brings down his now ex-coach's contract, and the players from the winning team get to skate all over it and shread it to pieces.  Not only would you get a strong viewer audience for that game, but you'd also be creating new rivalries; there's only upside.

This type of event will never take place, but it's an interesting idea.  But seriously, whichever team loses tonight, that coach shouldn't be employed tomorrow.  Three wins in 20 games?  14 game winless streaks?  I'll take Toronto to win tonight, probably in overtime.  So give me Maurice's job on a pike tomorrow.