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Verizon and the Isles fight back against Dolan empire | December

Not as dramatic as the title may sound, but in a sort ironic twist of fate that's what it almost seems like. If you've attended a game this year you'll notice that the once "gloriously unsponsored" Nassau Coliseum as Dominik from Lighthouse Hockey puts it seems to have sponsored up.

Where Lighthouse, Islanders and Dragon banners once stood have now been replaced by a giant advertisement for Verizon Fios. While those banners still hang on the Coliseum, the move by (who ever is in charge of that) to turn the outside of the coliseum into a giant billboard for Fios seems kind of funny.

Cablevision, Fios's biggest competitor, has really been giving the Islanders the short end of the stick in the way of HD availability and the way the company owned newspaper, Newsday covers the team. Especially since Cablevision owns the Knicks and the rival, New York Rangers; talk about coincidence. Is this Charles Wangs way of giving the finger to Dolan and his media empire, by advertising for their competitor. And if we are real Islanders fans should we cancel our IO packages and sign up for Fios right away?

Probably not, on both accounts. The placing of Verzion adds is probably a way of helping pay the bills, providing needed money to the Coliseum owners or Islanders owner and not some plan to strike at Cablevison.

It's always fun to speculate though, the coincedental timing of this couldnt have better though.


SIDE-NOTE:I will continue to update the site as often as possible even though as you all may or may not know my laptop died sunday November 22.