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Islanders/Thrashers game day quick hits | December

The Islanders set off on their four game road trip tonight. First stop, Atlanta. With their fathers/mentors along for the ride, it should make for a memorable road trip.

The Islanders thrashed Atlant on Novemer 7 when they visited the Coliseum. "They were like rats on cheese with the puck," Thrashers coach John Andersen told Newsday. "We couldn't get near it." While Atlanta was missing star foward Ilya Kovalchuk, Andersen did not use that as an excuse for the November 7 perfomance.

The lineup should remain similar to the one from Saturday, with Blake Comeaubeing the defffinite scratch and logic would say Roloson will get the start tonight.

Asfar as Nielson or Schremp getting into the lineup it will be a game time decisionby head coach scott gordon."I was sore the first couple of days, but I made big steps the next few days," Nielson told Newsday. "I feel like I can play."

Game times at 7:00 pm everyone enjoy the game