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Welcome to the new Islanders Hockey Blog | August
Welcome to the Islanders Hockey Blog, first off id like to welcome the regular readers from Islanders Crazy to the new site. I'm extremely excited to have joined the Bloguin Network and once again would like to thank Dave and the entire Bloguin team for doing such an amazing job on my site and for all their help during the set up. Islanders Hockey Blog will provide the same great Isles Coverage along with new NHL coverage which will be handled by Eric Ritter who has recently Joined the blog. His NHL insight will give readers a broader view of hockey along with the Islanders material i provide and soon hope to have a few more bloggers on board. So Expect videos, insight pictures and much more as Islanders Hockey Blog enters its first full season. we're sort of like Kyle Okposo, got the call up late in the season and then stay with the big club the following season. Hopefully we have just as good of a first full year as he had. So for Eric Ritter and myself i would like to welcome everyone to the Islanders Hockey Blog.